Monday, September 4, 2017

"Irma" - GCR/RV SITREP - Monday - September 4, 2017


Well, here we go again.

Hurricane Irma is picking up steam and is projecting out las a Category 5 storm expected to reach the US mainland by Friday of this week.

Remember it was said here in an older SITREP that the Elders would not allow another weather event to delay the RV.

Know Hurricane Harvey was created suddenly in the gulf to steal the Republic's new gold vaults by surprise attacking Republic, Chinese and Russian forces all stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas (north of Austin).

The storm got pushed backed however and flooded the Golden Triangle versus the restored Republic's collateral base backing the new USN currency.


In a similar but different fashion, Irma is also meant to stop the RV by flooding the entire eastern seaboard from Florida up to New York City--as well as going after secondary gold reserves in multiple American cities.

This will not happen.

Look for the benevolents to gently guide Irma out to sea just as they did with Hurricane Matthew back in October 2016.

There is a window folks between these storms that is highly significant, from  Monday through Thursday whereby most to all private redemptions could be completed before public announcement mid September.

Will the Elders take the shot?  We shall see.   But China announcing the Yuan being gold backed for all PROc crude oil sales this past Saturday was a sign yes they will.

The Elders not so subtly placed that earth shaking news in a popular Japanese financial newspaper in order to announce their intentions of switching out the global financial system by dethroning and dismantling the USD during the Labor Day weekend, and timing it up perfectly when the first Asian Market opened Monday morning (Sunday @ 8pm EDT in US).

Also occurring, sovereign German gold reserves were threatened via a WW2 bomb scare on Sunday also as a result of the Yuan going gold backed.

Unless remaining cabal minions get their hands on some sizable physical gold, they simply cannot participate in the new financial system and thus overnight will be deemed irrelevant financially.

Impotent if you will.

Politicians that obstruct will be removed from office permanently now too.  Media personalities that obstruct will be arrested.    Even celebrities that obstruct will be terminated professionally for speaking out in favor of cabal interests.

And the remaining illegal sovereign government mechanisms of Trump (USA) / Netanyahu (Israel) / Maduro (Venezuela) / Poroshenko (Ukraine) / Kim Jong-un (North Korea) are all on the chopping block like tonight, tonight--with the Elders offering a hari-kari sword to to either end their own fake empires honorably by resigning or having their heads cut off in a public square by the rule of law and/or military execution.

In process right now are last second surrender negotiations happening in Beijing and Washington as a result of the Elders accepting responsibility for gate keeping the world's assets and implementing the "break the glass" execution plan (literally and figuratively) to force the entire world into a higher ascended vibration through finance.

How's that holiday hot dog tasting tonight cabal demons?   Good?   Good.  I'm sure you're washing it down with your own sweat that's falling from your horrified brows.

You have nowhere to hide.  Cornered like the caged animals you are.  Bleeding out like savage bulls wounded into submission from a 1,000 slashes of a benevolent bullfighter's knife.

Die by your own hand.  It's the honorable way out.  Don't give the meek the satisfaction of knowing we killed the great and almighty Osiris loyal beast with our simplistic field of unified love.

Rebellion against God is a futile sport that you played admirably for millennia but just can no longer sustain.  There's no shame in defeat.  Death is very honorable.  So go for it.  Plunge away.

Honestly you lacked our sacred soul connection to persevere and achieve victory.  Ill equipped you were to endure throughout eternity by your own choosing mind as accepting inferior being status.

You were but out helpful assistants in mankind's ascension by creating a temporary world of anti-Christ matter.

But your hybrid extra terrestrial family is what no longer matters.  Au revoir
Draconian Devils.  May we never meet again in this life or your next.

Understand no being in any super universe can hear your last screams tonight.  You are hereby released from your burdensome cosmic duty of obstructing Yahweh's grace and may now peacefully return to the Central Sun for reprocessing.

Humanity thanks you for your service.  We love you for teaching us of our infinite divinity and divine purpose.  .

Know that all super universes have learned from your little self-imposed planetary domination exercise and general display of irrational arrogance in the face of total annihilation.  You did your job in service of the Creator Source.

May Yeshua bless and keep your entire genetically bred alien hybrid family of hellions of Urantia as you collectively vanishes from earthly existence.  Sobeit.

Mahalo nui loa and aloha ke Akua.

God is with us