Friday, September 1, 2017

"It" - GCR/RV SITREP - Friday - September 1, 2017

"It" - GCR/RV SITREP - Friday - September 1, 2017

Some of you are missing "it."

Not all, not most, but some.

Let me help by better defining what "it" actually is...

"It" is trusting that all banking aspects of the RV are long done.  So banking intel is therefore irrelevant other than when we are to be released and the RV physically takes places at the T4 level.

"It" is studying geopolitical events while we wait and notice when the last puzzles pieces snap into place pre-RV, so post-RV there is an instant harmony with all sovereign citizen actions locally, regionally and globally.

"It" is removing all micro emotions from a macro chess game that is playing out and objectively evaluating current events and future (past) strategies that either accelerate or decelerate the transition process.

"It" is constantly staying mentally battle ready waiting for the precise opportunity to strike via your redemption as to heal the soul of the world with your benevolent assets (SKR, HB, ZIM, VND, IQD, IRR, IDR, AFA).

"It" is remaining grateful no matter the situation and surrendering your will in lieu of God's, as only God knows what is best regardless of what religion, culture or race you believe to be dominant.

"It" is finding what unifies this vastly different yet uniquely connected international community versus the issues that separate us, and reminding this digital village of the infinite possibilities await long them all... including a history lesson or two as to how we got into the same waiting place and why we are now also chosen to leave.

"It" is anticipating events before they occur and positioning yourself and others, who are willing, to be in the best imaginable situations so that they can be successful for many years to come.

"It" is being humble and kind in all circumstances regardless of the fierceness of opposition or incompetence of foes.

"It" is knowing that a blessing beyond anything the world has ever seen (with the exception of Christ alive) and still remaining patient and focused on the true prize (human liberation) even in face of tragic hardships and temporary discomforts.

"It" is owning an unflinching serenity of spirit that cannot be psychologically rattled or knocked off its balance point, as well as being strong willed enough to speak harsh truths to power irregardless of personal outcome brought on by repeated delays for unknown reasons.

"It" is leading this tribe out of the abyss of night and into the light of day, plus knowing when to exit follow the leadership of others in service of the greatest good that ultimately benefits the entire human tribe.

"It" means mercifully holding onto sacred truths no matter how challenging the era or unprecedented in nature the sharply carved period of human history, so much so that said sacred truths will be preserved beyond the life of any one tribe member.

"It" is the selfless surrender of one's earthly life to God's Heavenly Will, so that he or she may be an intentional sacrifice for other divine souls--souls they shall never meet nor be apart of their lives--ultimately allowing future generations to thrive less any credit.

That's what having "it" means.  And having "it" is terribly hard to hold onto once acquired.

Now for those who want straight
money related intel, well that "it" just isn't a part of my heart's intention.  And no amount of screaming for something that is not there will produce your heart's "it".

In truth, this behavior is simply is no longer acceptable in this forum and why a new one is being created, given the sheer magnitude of responsibility soon to be asked of all righteous souls in Zimlandia.

Hopefully the wisdom offered here to all the frustrated among you may provided need reflection material for deeper consideration, as losing irrational anger, frustration or irate emotions will instantly improve the quality of all life.

That said, anyone interested in joining the "it" crowd of economic missionaries--there's still time.

The Human Angel movement is growing by the hour, but there is still room to act and register your contact email at

Initial Human Angel membership is well over 80% now given our self imposed on-line capacity of 50,000.

Know we humbly desire to be a boutique philanthropic community, and have accepted that of those who follow the RV daily, only about 11,110 will be coming with us permanently post-RV.

Right now Showme is building the secondary support pages to your on-line philanthropy community portal.  It looks fantastic.

Thank you Showme!

The goal is to seamlessly connect dire problems and innovative solutions, with eager operators/volunteers and endless funding.

Truly Heaven (Angel) and Earth (Human) functioning benevolently together for the first time without obstruction, all to serve the greater good without ego.

Pretty simple concept.  Sobeit.

We invite all self-proclaimed Human Angels with or without currency to raise your hand and announce your heart's deepest intention by sending in your contact email pre-RV!

Because once the arc doors close, they close forever.

God is with us