Monday, September 25, 2017

"Launch" - GCR/RV SITREP - Sunday - September 24, 2017

Human Angels!

​Well it's done!  
Right before midnight on Sunday, September 24, 2017 we are launching Human Angel Services (HAS)... this first "Top Down Philanthropy" humanitarian
digital and daily humanitarian
 project funding portal and project compliance hub.

Please take a
 around the
site... browse, meander and
​make ​
​s at the bottom of each page so we know what is working for you and what is not​
​Also, when investigating the website do 
consider our collective
 as a 
​group of economic mercy makers, 
​ at the same time​
 evaluating your own personal goals, dreams and aspirations within the 
​vast ​
array of digital resources
​ provided​

Remember, during this one week preview period, f
eel free to share
link with friends, family and associates
​ that do hold currency, as well as those who do not, as many would love to participate in a revolutionary and new "Top Down Philanthropy" movement.

​There's a lot more features planned in 2018, but these initial 2017 features should get everyone started and headed in the right direction!​  
​As w
e believe after some
​careful ​
contemplation, you'll come to exact same conclusion we found to be true:

​just ​
greater financial security, more
​sharing ​
​a ​
​ sense of
if all like-minded global humanitarians had one on-line home… versus dozens​

Thus, we
​ at HAS 
must do our part
​all Human Angels worldwide, and make sure you have both a sensation of being in a
as well as having  your own sovereign identity so that we all may
 realize our fullest potential as
​global ​

​Again, Showme and I want to extended our deepest appreciation for this entire community (over 55,000 strong now!) as it took us some time to fumble and bumble our way through Cyberland.  We're proud of the utility and value we have brought to this community through the Human Angel Services website.  And we
 sincerely appreciate your continued curiosity in
​s well as
declaring yourself
​as ​
​part of our shared 
Human Angel
​ experience​

All go or none go, right!?  Right.

Be advised, we have also dedicated a
portion of all 
​HAS ​
​revenue to ​supporting other dedicated Pre-RV currency community leaders, should we all be made to wait beyond October 1st for our RV blessing.  And we want to 
​and honor t​
hem for their
​heroic ​
​ to this community​

Because without their diligence
​, stamina​
and relentless
, HAS would not
​  Period.​

​Thus, it's
an honor to serve the
 Post-RV community via the HAS website, and we look forward to ​serving humanity's
 greatest good
​ anonymously behind you as your on-line digital technical support
 only together can we
​ the
​ thankless yet
​journey of
"healing the soul of the world."

boundless humility and

Showme & Yosef