Monday, September 11, 2017

My Experience With Hurricane Irma - September 11, 2017*417/avn-animated7.gif

September 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

All is well but it was a dramatic few days before and during the storm.We got hit by the outer storm bands of Irma and it was furious and loud, many tornado warnings were also issued during Irma's land fall.  I can only imagine what the west coast of Florida had to deal with.  I heard there was 5 deaths in Florida due to the Hurricane and the Caribbean areas reported about 24 deaths.

For days they were talking about how the east coast of Florida was going to be a direct hit and then Irma shifted towards the west coast of Florida. We were overly prepared while the West coast was probably thinking they were going to be spared major damage. For us, no structural damage to our property, no major flooding, only negative was lots of trees and vegetation have been uprooted and downed.  There was loss of power for about 24 hours but utilities was restored as of a few hours ago. It will probably take South East Florida about 1-2 weeks to recover but west coast may be a couple of months to recover from flooding and damage. 

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers!  I also send prayers and thoughts back to you for achieving your dreams, prosperity, and health.  It is humanities time to shine and reclaim our freedoms!

Much Love,