Saturday, September 9, 2017

Secret Locations and more on Phil Schneider – Report From Ex-CIA Agent

[ IMAGE ( above ): Special motion picture film and photographic imaging equipment caught this particular near still image of what Paul Bennewitz obtained certain information about ExtraTerrestrial Vehicles ( ETV ) passing in-to and out-of this particular solid rock face mountain at Wirt Canyon near Dulce, New Mexico, USA ( click on image to enlarge ) ]

Secret Locations And Experiments 08SEP17–click to read or download

This report was submitted to me by Paul Collin the Unwanted Publicity Guy who writes a blog for this website.  It contains a great deal of research into the background details about Phil Schneider and his work as well as multiple secret locations related to sightings of Greys and other beings, underground bases, research on gold, nuclear testing locations with detailed background info on companies involved in the secret gov such as EG&G.  The report also contains info about hidden subterranean caverns and stories related to this what he calls “unexplainable encounters”….

Paul is a former CIA NOC – unacknowledged agent whose specialty is finance but goes far beyond this into topics related to secret areas such as the life and files of Howard Hughes.

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EXCERPT FROM REPORT:   “…LOS ANGELES – September 8, 2017 – Before Conspiracy Theory websites, YouTube and Whistleblowers became popular, there were those of us in the trenches of secrecy going down rabbitholes few feared even to venture near. Today, it’s still called spying if one works for a government organization, however in the private sector many consider themselves ‘researchers’.

Spies, are typically ‘put out to pasture’ ( retirement ) or are ‘rendered’ ( killed ), however researchers have a tendency to either get criminally indicted or mysteriously drop dead.
Both, can be – and usually ‘are’ – extremely dangerous occupational callings for human beings.
There is, however, a growing sector of ‘former government spies’ whom latterally transfer their occupational tradecrafts into ‘research’ or ‘reporting’, which fairly sums up what I’ve been doing for almost 50-years.

I am the exception, however, because I have ‘no pension’ and have been unemployed since 2006.
Since 2006 ( the past 11-years ) I have been ‘vehicular homeless’. Were it not for my vehicle ( stealth van home-office ), tennacity and fervor to see records set straight by exposing important information I write about, I would have died on the streets of Los Angeles in 2012 were it not for donations to keep me alive so, I have a lot to thank Project Camelot and its audience for; my life as a handicapped veteran approaching 67-years old.

Just prior to leaving America on my 4-year C.I.A. assignment in Eastern Europe, during 2002, I became familiar with a man named Paul Philip Schneider ( also known as ) Phil Schneider though his ‘girlfriend’ ( interalia ‘Common Law’ wife ) Cynthia who I had been exchanging e-mails with initially on a matter involving something my client was also involved with but at a much higher level. A processing technique that actually ‘grows quantities of gold’. And, since the United States Intelligence Community was involved, I should be able to navigate such areas of my former full- time direct employment plus my freelance work thereafter.

Initially, I came in contact with Cindy ( Cynthia ) amidst my work for a private client based overseas living in Uganda’s former President Idi Amin’s remodelled ‘residential compound’; ‘not’ the former ‘presidential palace’ – destroyed decades ago.

I was conducting research on a variety of matters to clear up mysteries surrounding why my client was labelled an “economic threat to U.S. National Security.”

Very long story, I won’t digress any further about my client’s global financial banking and business investments, however readers will be able to learn further as-to why I came in contact with the Schneider files…–Paul Collin [CONTINUED IN REPORT]Secret Locations And Experiments 08SEP17


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