Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Secret Space Program Round Table Discussion - September 24, 2017

Will Glover 

Will is a life long experiencer, MilAb, satanic ritual abuse survivor, researcher and writer.   Through multiple near death experiences, shamanic journeys, the cultivation of inner silence and the study of the mystery of awareness, he has learned of and embraced the innate multi- dimensional awareness of human consciousness.   He currently lives in northwest Arkansas with 7 dogs and about 40 chickens, is an LMT(licensed massage therapist), energy worker and etheric implant eliminator.  First interview with Will is here: See also

Kevan Trimmell 

Kevan Trimmell is 28 years old, and  lives in Ontario, Canada. On November  12th 2008 he was bicycling in a forest  close to where he lives. He stopped for a  break and thought a cloud had passed  overhead and blocked out the sun. I was  shocked when I looked up and saw a  greyish-white triangle shaped craft  (like the typical TR-3B) except it was  greyish-white not black. It was hovering  only a few hundred feet above the  treetops.  Thus began Kevan’s adventure in building  a timeline, regaining lost memories and  doing an interview with me on June 5, 2017 which was his very first public interview. Since then, Kevan has regained more  memories, gained some perspective and received overwhelming support from the  lesser known SSP experiencer community. He also met Elena (aka Ileana the Star Traveler) online and they published about 40 minutes  of a 6 hour audio conversation where he was  able to recall more. Additionally he was able to meet Tony Rodrigues in person which led to  more insights. For More information on Kevan Trimmell see For Kevin's cleansing and pineal activation see - MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) Powder Zeolite Powder MesoGold - colloidal gold MediGold - colloidal gold

Tony Rodrigues 

Tony was one of the first Dark Fleet whistleblowers to go public and then into some detail about the Satanic sexual abuse (aka SRA) and on-planet and off-planet Sex Slave industry. This is #pizzagate about 3 months before Wikileaks! Tony’s story is well covered by the outstanding series of interviews conducted by Michael Salla of where the first interview can be seen here If you haven’t seen these, please watch them because they will give you a better understanding of Tony’s background and amazing experiences. While Tony was able to independently confirm many of his experiences, especially as they relate to the locations, he has refrained from naming names because his intention is to flesh out the history of this dark chapter without seeking revenge or harming others.

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