Friday, September 22, 2017

Sophia Love Update - September 22, 2017

On this day of the Equinox, and with all of the intensity seeming to build world-wide, (can you feel it?), this post includes links for 2 global meditations.  One today, hosted by Prepare for Change at the moment of the Equinox. Details found here. The other takes place Sunday. Details here. Please join and share.  It is our collective power that determines everything.

What follows are parts of two different conversations held with One.  The first on September 3rd, 2017 and the next happened yesterday. Both are relevant.

This was an ongoing conversation concerning certain groups who are actively attempting damage to the planet and the people. What follows is a quote.

Part of the process, the evolutionary program, is a sort of learning that comes from fewer and fewer “food” sources for them. This occurs now.

This game all but ends right now. The final blow must be a human one, in full form.

What does that mean?

It means as you wish for help, help is created. Yet not from outside your own family – the human will realize its own power in this scenario and in doing so will too proceed, and be catapulted towards full realization. This propels actualization which could be another word for ascension/enlightenment.

These last moments now bring full force realization of both desires and abilities.

This ending and final removal happens now with few tragedies. The decision for how to proceed is complete and events happen now to assure that they do.

There are no mistakes in this process.  All is perfectly done.

Be assured of this ending. All that is desired is attained fully – wealth, freedom and an elimination of the dark. Balance is restored now. That is what I’ve come to say to you.

Thank you.


Please continue about the date of 9/23 and the Equinox.
I will say this. The equinox is an event that coincides with overwhelming odds for internal systemic shifts.

These shifts would have taken place in an earlier time frame. Yet the opposing parties to them ae holding fast their role.  It is as if they believe this is all there is.

You know, your readers know, and even those in the driver’s seat of this opposing force know that life goes on beyond the one attached to this specific timeline.

Yet all actions are geared to hold fast to every physical aspect here and now.

I will say this.

The change of seasons as heralded by the equinox has been indicated an important date.  This much is true. The interpretation of the reasons for this importance has been misread however. It is not a time for physical calamity.

It is a moment seen by the ancients as one that would be necessarily significant as a last resort. If there had not been systemic shifts by this moment – they would begin now.

It is vital when considering prophecy and messages that all of the import be considered.  By this is meant all of humanity.  Creation itself determines the course of events played out on any timeline and cannot be ignored.

Mankind has significantly altered his own history and re-aligned the most probably visible timeline.
He must now consider his own effective expectation and belief and see how much of that stimulates massive events.

There is not a small, but a significant portion of the populace expecting something to happen on the aforementioned date. So, something will.

Whether or not this day is the end of the known world depends on your definition of the “known world”. Your world remains physically as solid as it has ever been, after this date.

If what you include in your worldly definition includes systems of control and rulership as they stand today – then your world begins its collapse now.

You will always be the determiner of your life’s events – on this and any day.

Come to a daily practice of meditation and intend for the world of your fondest dreams.

Know that one has an end, before a new one can begin.
That is all.

Okay. Thank you.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ We are anchors for the Light ~ Let’s do this.

With so much love,

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