Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"The 3 Horses of Leadership: Members, Founders & Cornerstones" - GCR/RV SITREP - Wednesday - September 13, 2017

Received via email from Yosef....

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Below are three​ ​horses​ of leadership​ laid out in a show, place​ and ​win methodology​ that apl​ies​ ​to any organization​ o​r cause,​ in​ ​every​ ​for​-profit, non-profit or not​- for​- profit​ sector interns of overall​ leadership​ ​structure.

Listen to how each is described ​as​ to​ ​best​ understand where you ​might ​align​ within​ your own Human Angel "Top Down Philanthropy" ​organization … given th​at your heroic humanitarian journey​ ​is​ ready to begin​.


​MEMBERS -"​Show​ Horse"​ - 20%​

A member is a person involved with a group or organization that desires easy access to important information.

A member might include access to a social club, website or church.

It also refers to a a company, such as a charity provider, that sets up access to members who share  information of their own accounts as part of a larger group effort.

Becoming a member requires a low level of activity and infrequency of attendance.  Membership is leadership at the lowest participation levels, but nonetheless an action taken in a positive directions.

Costco has members.  ​Sure you shop there​,​ but you don't go there everyday or make decisions in product​ selection or pricing​, alone location or earning disbursal​.

​FOUNDERS - "Place Horse" - 70%

A Founder is someone who establishes something and formulates growth strategies on the basis of building something sustainable.

Founders therefore are labeled with some amount of prestige for good reason.  They are serious people who understand how to and why to jump into a movement early ​and often.

Founding leaders also carry connotations of creativity and innovation, determination, native intelligence and a sense of ​both righteousness and ​fearlessness.

Founders create something from nothing. ​ And they live for it!

Many entrepreneurs and startup entities talk about their founders with reverence, but most of them seem to assume that everyone has they desire of a founder.

Not so.

Typically in say business, the founders are the people who establish the company—that is, they take on all the risk and receive all the reward of creating something from nothing.

Remember, an idea by itself is not a company, though most companies start as an idea.

Some may even start out as one person’s idea and stay that way.  But more commonly one or two people might have a good idea, then recruit a group of additional founders to help execute their idea and grow it exponentially

Why?  Because ideas alone are worthless without leaders to execute the vision.

And  people who foster that initial founding group usually are the ones who get needed execution in critical development stages because they knew the inherent value of recruiting founders.

To do this however the idea originators must be willing to split up original ownership in some way, and then work to bring in other resources as needed so everyone can be successful in building the enterprise as a team of equals.

Everyone therefore who comes in after this initial ownership division is deemed an equal founder, but never members because they were willing to take on much greater risk.... to one day taste greater reward.

​CORNERSTONES - "Win Horse" - 10%

The location, orientation and strength of ​any building is determined by its best cornerstones.

And just as a building needs ​a firm foundation to be strong, an organization also needs ​the same basis of strength and purpose that orients and guides ​all its future staff and their actions.

These things come from strong leaders​ who will not budge in the face of hardships or challenges​.   A​s these are ​your cornerstone​ horses.

A cornerstone architecturally is typically the first stone laid down in construction of a building as all other stones are then set against its lead.

That part is worthy of deeper inspection. Because if the first cornerstone is not set correctly, known in building circles as the reference stone, it's difficult for other stones rise in a balanced way to actually build the structure in a sustainable manner.

The location therefore of the reference stone determines both the location of the building itself and it's eventual lifespan.


Just as the walls and roof take their cues from the cornerstones, so do the members and founders who look towards initial leadership as to gage their future actions, behavior and decisions.

How this cornerstone leader thus orients him/herself spiritually, will have major implications and influence on every future action taken by the members and founders of the organization.

And that's the way your leadership should be:  All or nothing.

Because ​a great

leader has to be able to adapt to changing conditions with unflinching principles that guide all group actions in a rock solid fashion, just as that first cornerstone internally leads all other stones who rise high above them to receive all the external glory.

​God is with us​