Friday, September 8, 2017

The Sun Just Erupted The Biggest Solar Flare in 12 Years and it Has Affected Earth

The sun has just erupted in an absolutely massive solar flare, so big that it knocked out radio comms here on Earth.

Actually, it spat out two X-class flares, on the morning of 6 September EDT. These are the biggest class of solar flare there is, and the largest explosions in our solar system, with loops of plasma tens of times the size of the Earth.

The first one came in at X2.2 at 5.10am EDT. Then, just a few hours later at 8.03am, it dropped an absolutely monster X9.3 flare, the largest since 2005. You can watch the resulting coronal mass ejection in the gif below.

Both flares erupted from an active region called AR 2673, which also produced an M-class flare a few days ago. Of the two sunspot regions currently active, both flares came from the smaller – a size of just 7 Earths by 9 Earths.

This solar cycle, the sun’s 11-year periodic activity cycle, began in 2008. It has been unusually quiet, with very low sunspot activity. But although we’re moving into solar minimum, the quietest period of the cycle, activity can still occur. And how.

Solar flare activity has interesting effects on Earth. This one knocked out high-frequency radio, according to the NOAA, and degraded low-frequency navigation.

The particles from the CME can also cause aurora activity as they interact with Earth’s magnetosphere, so keep your eyes on the skies. They should be arriving within a few days.
Solar flares occur when the sun’s magnetic field — which creates the dark sunspots on the star’s surface — twists up and reconnects, blasting energy outward and superheating the solar surface. X-class solar flares can cause radiation storms in Earth’s upper atmosphere and trigger radio blackouts, as happened earlier this morning.

Have you felt differently in the past day? Heightened emotions bursting forth?

Solar flares  were found  to directly affect the mental and physical state of humans in 2008 and three years later, we are seeing just how true that finding truly is. The sun has such incredible power that it is able to send solar flares shooting into the Earth’s atmosphere and affecting its electromagnetic energy field, as well as affecting each person’s electromagnetic energy field.

The case for solar flares directly affecting human consciousness is of the utmost important right now, since we can see all around us and within our own lives the intense changes and transformations occurring. These changes are exasperated by the electromagnetic forces at play around us.
We are all affected slightly differently by these cosmic forces, such as solar flares, which is why one person may be affected negativity whereas another in a more positive way. Those individuals who have compressed anger, fear, and jealousy will see their energy fields weaken. Our thoughts help shape and create our reality so it should be of little surprise that the toxic emotions and feelings that we may choose to marinate within our minds may result in the weakening of our energy fields, leading us to become more vulnerable to the negative effects of these electromagnetic solar energy influxes. In order for us to not get into such a downward spiral, we need to identify the negative emotions before we are able to resolve them. If our electro-magnetic energy field is weakened, we become more likely to be significantly affected by the increasing solar activity.

The increase in solar activity activates compressed jealousy, anger, and fear in our minds, no matter if we are conscious or unconscious of this process. If people have not been working on healing these issues, the issues become stronger and magnified when there is a period of increased solar activity as there is now. We are living in a difficult period of our timeline, yet we should not allow ourselves to become sad about the state of everything because we can use this period to our advantage. Let’s use this period of increased solar energy to create great opportunities for positive social transformation… the world desperately needs it.

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