Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yosef (2) Updates - GCR/RV Intel SITREPs

GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Black Wall" -- September 27, 2017 

Source: Human Angel Services

Paymasters are waiting for the go ahead to perform all their final SKR fulfillments.

An 8 day private protocol memo, plus a 15 day private exchange center schedule memo have been delivered to off site redemption locations by military escort.

The IRS’s normal six month April 15, 2017 extension period ends at midnight October 15, 2017 which closes the USA, Inc’s books not just for fiscal year 2016 — but forever!

The RV is to be completed by this “black wall” time frame no matter what and begin as soon as the SKRs complete their hydration cycle.

Current rates:

ZIM 4.00+ VND 25.00+ IQD 32.00+

All currencies will be redeemed at their face value with NO ZERO LOPS, andno NDAs at the screen rates or below.

Longer term structures programs are available as are higher sovereign rates–both by request.

Historic Bond redemptions are taking place now down at 1 Quad and below level at the T3 level.

Currencies are considered T4.

There appears to be a slow and tiered RV release pattern unfolding which has been taking place since mid-month September.

The USN has been declared legal tender worldwide since September 23, 2016 and a new physical currency representation been airlifted into exchange centers by military chiefs.

So there will be new USN currency at all private redemption appointments by international law.

Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America,, Chase, TD, Royal Bank of Canada and Scotia Bank all junior redemption member banks in North America.

HSBC and BOC are lead banks handling master accounts in US and Canada.

President Trump downfall begins before week ending Friday with major event happening on Saturday and Sunday.

Confirmed Trump is the flash bang for he RV (Benevolent) along with a North Korean flare up (malevolent) to stimulate Cuban Middle Crisis scare.

Reno’s Admiral (Retired Naval Nuclear Sub Commander and Finance Professor named Bob Killian) is just a glorified paymaster that took currency off the streets at below market value on an Indian Reservation. Nothing more, nothing less.

All that Reno drama, chaos and hype for absolutely nothing of value.

Currency holders were better off holding their notes in hand to receive he highest redemption rates and values. Sobeit.

God is with us 


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Sweden" -- September 28, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

It was written here that a mid-October conclusion would be the logical structural end to the RV.

That date still holds true per memos released to banks yesterday stating a fifteen day RV execution schedule.

The memo didn't say the USA, Inc. facade government runs out of money USD at midnight September 29, 2017.

And there's no way to get more money unless it's the USN. Structurally there is just no other way.

The Elders have accepted responsibility for the sudden collapse of Anglo-Saxon Western banking community or nations in order to implement the global financial reforms.

The term ''anglo-saxon'' is French and used to designate English speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As well as a linguistic marker, the adjective can also be describe the culture (Christian), legal system (common law) and economic model (capitalism).

Meaning, the benevolent races of color (and Russia) have pulled the proverbial release trigger, and now wait on the dark cabal's own collapse via the Israeli controlled US senate aka Senators Collins, Murkowski, McCain, Paul and Cruz. All devote principles Anglo-Saxon cabal agents.

Meaning, all these turbulent US healthcare disputes are really about tax reform being leveraged by the cabal as of there's no more money come Saturday night, and Obamacare subsidies would run out should there be an end to USD.

Remember John McCain's infamous thumb down? That was your RV back in August.

And thus America structurally cannot RV without mandatory tax reform laws being in place because the Republic's GESARA treaty agreement mandates a maximum 20% corporate tax rate and universal healthcare.

If that's not complicated enough Trump is a clone who's cabal handler(s) were removed only to be manually controlled through cerebral implanted computer chip at the UN when he threatened to destroy North Korea (because Beijing and Seoul would really be targeted).

Confused yet?

What's not confusing are the pallets upon pallets of new USN current being dropped shipped into regional exchange centers by military helicopter and jet fighter escort.

Nobody bothered to tell Wells Fargo because Wells Fargo no longer controlls their own exchange centers because Wells Fargo did everything in their power to stop the RV.

And anyone still promoting a Wells Fargo agenda or bearing false witness in favor of a Wells Fargo is not only chalked, but dog eared for future criminal investigation.

Wanna getaway? I hear Sweden is lovely this time of year but extradition isn't so difficult.

Tough choice for cabal planted cockroaches of exactly where to run when all the lights come on Sunday.

It was also written here that complete surrender to the will of God is absolute before the coming event--which means dropping the human genetic altered ego state in favor of a God mind-body experience as the only survival option.

Surrender=life. Self=death.

There's still time for all deceived Anglos to accept their truth as mutations of a lesser God. All it takes is a drop of the knees and sincere request to return back to the inherent alignment of God's Will above thy own.

Not complicated. Not negotiable. Not emotional. Life or death. What say you? Sobeit.

God is with us