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Entry | Anna Von Reitz: A Message to General Dunford | Ascension with Earth

To all American Truthseekers and the World At Large,

We have arrived at one of the most important moments in history.

Judge Anna Von Reitz, Fiduciary for the American people and states, has just written a stern directive to General Dunford to immediately course correct and reverse the military occupation that Americans have lived under since the Civil “War.”

Arguably, this is one of the most important letters we and all of our family in the Armed Services the world over will ever read, as many other countries are suffering under corporate blight as we are.

The texts of two of the Army/Navy Field Manuals were published earlier, and Anna in her letter apparently the 1943 Field Manual, Section I, page 1.

Please share and discuss this letter with all. We are obviously at the fork in the road.

Praying that General Dunford makes the right decision, because if he does, then all good things would then be possible for America and for the world.

Article #748:



Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Truth at Last -- A Message to General Dunford By Anna Von Reitz

Instead of restoring and recognizing the actual civil government owed to this country after the so-called Civil War (which was never declared and never ended by a peace treaty and therefore just an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores) the generals (Grant, Sherman, et alia.) took over, conveniently pretending that the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, was the civil government they were answerable to under the actual Constitution. (It wasn't.)

This set up the "US Congress" --- operating as the Board of Directors of a commercial corporation and as the plenary oligarchs in charge of the Municipality of Washington, DC, as the rulers of their own little kingdom --- the Municipal United States. You know this organization as the STATES OF STATES, like the STATE OF OREGON and STATE OF NEVADA that have viciously prosecuted the Bundys, the Hammonds, and others.

And it also left the Generals --- operating as the Board of Directors of another corporation -- as the military dictators in charge of the Territorial United States. This originally meant the District of Columbia and the Insular States like Guam and Puerto Rico and American Samoa.....but they quickly established "State of State" franchises --- which they called "States in the Territorial System". Fake States.

According to all these criminals, it left us, the actual states and people as "occupied territory"--- albeit, "occupied" by our own goddamned traitorous "representatives" and military officers, using our resources including our sons and daughters as fodder in foreign for-profit commercial "wars".

I can only guess how disgusted the veterans reading this will be when they understand how grossly they and their families have been betrayed and dis-served by this coalition of criminal self-interest between the military leaders and the politicians.

And how all the Beltway Scum are still screwing around at this late date, dementedly trying to make this gigantic 150 year-old Cluster F continue to function----as if that were desirable for anyone in their right mind on this planet.

Now, the Municipal United States is in Chapter 7 liquidation and is going away. By next June, the planners say that the STATES OF STATES will disappear and be replaced by the United Nations version of this same crappola: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with its "STATES" ----- OREGON, IDAHO, and so on, just more "franchises" of the "UN Corporation"---- a nice, Nazi-sympathizer organization started during World War II in Vichy France.

And where does this leave Donald J. Trump, the CEO of this outgoing Municipal Government organization? Out of a job. Unless he wakes up, re-instates his own birthright political status, and accepts our Bond and enters into The Office of the President of the United States of America--- and helps restore the actual land jurisdiction government owed to the people of this country.

And, the Territorial United States corporations are in Chapter 11, Reorganization, hence all the rumors that General Dunford will be taking over as "President" of "the Republic" (Inc.)

We are sorry, but pardon us,---- the military leaders are now up against it to answer for their despicable behavior over the course of the last 150 years.

We are the actual, factual Civil Government owed to this country--- the lawful owners of the international land jurisdiction of the organic states. And we are telling the military to stand down. We are declaring the peace after 150 years of this criminality.

The United States Civil Flag, not the war flag, needs to be flying over the Capitol Dome. And that's the fact of the matter. We are not at war. We haven't been at war since 1865.

And everything else that has gone on under color of law and darkness and deceit is just nothing but crime and fraud, embezzlement, betrayal, and gross negligence and dereliction of duty. You all need to back off and back up and turn 180 degrees around.

We are also informing the military Top Brass that far from being broke, the American states and people are the richest -- by far -- of all the people on Earth, and the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Territorial and Municipal Government and every corporation formed under the auspices of these governments worldwide.

We own all the debt, all the assets, all the profits. Worldwide.

Dunford---- you think you need to borrow money from banks and foreign corporations and foreign governments? That you have to borrow money from FRANCE???

But wait a minute --- we own their debt. We own FRANCE, INC. and France, Inc., and guess what? The Bank of France, too. They are the ones in hock to us.

Wake up, you great lantern-jawed lug!

The banks are just Secondary Creditors pretending to "represent" us!

We, the American states and people, are the creditors. We are not "a" bank, we are "the" bank.

And, once and for all, we are not "occupied" by you, you are under contract to serve us. Got that?

Get your rump back in gear and moving in the right direction or we will happily invite the entire world to show up for a housecleaning party and provide the beer and pretzels for our guests.

We don't want to hear you misrepresenting any filthy foreign incorporated entity as a "Republic" of anything but maybe the "Republic of Bull".

We don't want any rumors of "Martial Law" because we have already been illegally and immorally subjected to "martial law" for 150 years and we are goddamned sick of it.

Let us remind you of the Marine Code of Conduct which begins with this salutary bit of information: "I am an American."

Not a "U.S. citzen" not a "Citizen of the United States" and certainly not a "citizen of the United Nations" either----- an American.

We are all Americans. First, last, and in between. It is high holy time that you and the rest of the men sitting as Joint Chiefs started acting like it and cleaned up this whole mess---- the "UN" and the "US", too.

One final note --- the Republics, all fifty of them -- are still here. We didn't go anyplace. We've just been commandeered and enslaved and betrayed by you Pinheads. So do your duty.

Now that you know what it is.

Help restore the actual American Government of the people, by the people and for the people, to full and proper operation as it is supposed to operate, and put this ugly history of criminality and fraud behind us.

And if you need money to do it, you now know who is able and willing to pay your salaries, and your retirements, if and only if, you get your heads screwed on and come home and do the right thing by the American states and people and declare our peace to the rest of the world.

The proof of what has gone on here, and what has to stop, is self-evident from the history and the presumptions and the behaviors of the courts and the verbiage being used and also from your own Field Manuals. Take a gander at the first few sections of the 27-5 FM----and don't even try to deny it. You and your buddies are caught in utter disgrace and must make prompt correction.

MILITARY GOVERNMENT-CIVIL AFFAIRS. , a. Military Government. The term “military government” is used in this manual to describe the supreme authority exercised by an armed force over the lands, property, and the inhabitants of enemy territory, or allied or domestic territory recovered from enemy occupation, or from rebels treated as belligerents. It is exercised when an armed force has occupied such territory, whether by force or by agreement, and has substituted its authority for that of the sovereign or a previous government. Sovereignty is not transferred by reason of occupation, but the right of control passes to the occupying force, limited only by international law and custom. The theater commander bears full responsibility for military government. He is usually designated as military governor, but may delegate both his authority and title to a subordinate commander.

Occupied Territory. The term “occupied territory” is used to mean any area in which military government is exercised by an armed force. It does not include territory in which an armed force is located but has not assumed supreme authority.

Civil Affairs. The term “civil affairs” is used to describe the activities of the government of the occupied area and of the inhabitants of such an area except those of an organized military character. “Civil affairs control” describes the supervision of the activities of civilians by an armed force, by military government, or otherwise. The term “civil affairs officers” designates the military officers, who, under the military governor, are engaged in the control of civilians.


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Posted by Paul Stramer at 5:45 PM


Entry | Continuing Education for Scottish Attorneys? | Ascension with Earth

To our tireless Truthseekers,

One can easily get onto Paul Stramer's email alert list for Anna Von Reitz's articles.

But today, he apparently sent Anna something and asks her to comment - and sent it to his contact list as well.

Here is the link:

THIS DEVIL'S HANDBOOK is apparently a rite of passage for all Scottish Bar Attorneys. So much for continuing professional education, as we call it here in the States.

And of course our American Bar Association (ABA) swears allegiance to the Queen, which is why Anna's team served public notice upon all American Bar Members that if they wished to retain that affiliation they had to register as foreign agents by September 1, 2017.

See Link:

Make of this what you will. I am sure the Scottish Bar would laugh it off and make light of it, or if you know a Scottish attorney, you might ask them about the finer points of this course.

When Anna gets a spare moment, no doubt she will have a few choice words about this document. If the legal "profession" was ever up on a pedestal, it has long since come down to earth, and then some. Suzi


To all our Beloved Truthseekers,

At this point, to stay on the cutting edge of the news, I will suggest that you read daily and subscribe to Paul Stramer’s alert of her just-published work at

Judge Anna Von Reitz is clearly at the fulcrum of all the CHANGE WE HOPE TO SEE in our American government.

Two of her publications from today appear below.

Article #745: Two Critical Quotes:

“And now the news comes that 46,000 members of the US military, both US Navy and US Army personnel, have been arrested. Why? For using “criminal codes” in a computerized weapons system testing program against civilian targets --- American civilians.”

[Notice she writes US military and not American military, as “our” military sorts out its identity crises and loyalty issues.] Chemtrailing and HAARP may well be involved here. A must read. Next quote:

“…listen up.

It is imperative that the criminals responsible be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of natural and international law.

It is imperative that our lawful government get on its feet and walk, in full restoration, no later than June 1, 2018.(emphasis added)

Many questions arise from this. It is possible that the June 1, 2018 date is a back wall date created via the bankruptcy process. Stay tuned.

However, we know that the GCR Committee has been hard at work reconfiguring world currency values, hopefully to launch in the immediate near term.

This article also interweaves with the notorious TDAs (Treasury Direct Accounts). Read Anna’s personal story regarding the US government corporate fraud perpetrated against her and her husband James when she first discovered this particular fraud.

Also, Anna gives us some TO DO items. Tick Tock.

Article #746: Regarding her thank you for contributions AND ADVICE FOR TAKING SOME CAUTIONARY PREP ACTIONS:

Stay safe and alert!!! Protect your loved ones:  Watch your electricity, EMF assaults, water quality and AIR QUALITY WHILE SLEEPING. Monitor the breathing and sleeping quality of children and seniors especially! Observe any smoke detectors or other alarms. Remember, that as Anna has told us and as history has taught the world, to a criminal bankrupt government services corporation, it may be much more preferable to kill off Priority Creditors than to pay them.



46,000 Arrests

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I told you how I looked up the IRS Master Files attached to my NAME and my husband's NAME back in 1998 under a Freedom of Information Act request?  And that I also had to request a Code Book because the files were all encoded and we had to decipher what they said?

By diligent application we discovered (much to our astonishment) that I was running a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband was selling guns in South America, at the same time that we were sitting at home in Big Lake, Alaska. WTH...?   Doppelgangers, indeed. 

At the time, we were just astonished and perplexed, as any innocent American might be.  Can you put yourself in our position?  

I did what?  I was where?  

Why would "the government" go to all the trouble to set up a completely false narrative about who we were and what we were doing?  And why gun running and rum production of all things?  Why was this all in code?  And why was the IRS keeping a pack of lies on record under our NAMES?  

Obviously, ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER was purportedly a rum distilling Mama in the Caribbean, and JAMES CLINTON BELCHER was selling automatic weapons to foreign governments in South America---- and all the while, we were sitting at our kitchen table in Alaska reading this with our eyebrows twisted together, wondering what dim, ugly fairytale this whole "story line" came from------and why? 

The easy explanation lies in the fact that the Internal Revenue Service was never given any enforcement capacity and had no contract with the actual Congress, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is a different story--- please note that both rum distilling and gun sales in foreign countries fall under BATF scrutiny and enforcement power.  

So, presto, change-o, take an artist and his wife living in rural Alaska, transform them into dangerous criminals engaged in international commerce, bring forward a completely false record "compiled" by credible government bureaucrats over years of time---- and suddenly, you have an excuse to arrest and prosecute and otherwise harm and harass innocent people to your heart's content.  

We were all set up and "framed" as criminals with malice aforethought, to expedite any prosecution or complaint the rats might have against us. 

Ever wonder what the FBI was doing at Ruby Ridge, shooting an unarmed woman and her babe in arms?  And a little boy and his dog?  And getting away with it? 

Ever wonder what Janet Reno and the thugs at the BATF were doing using napalm and tanks against peaceful people living in apartment complexes? 

Well, now you know.  And it is all nothing but foreign corporate criminality and fraud and violence against Americans. 

Make no mistake, these people have been The Enemy all along, and most of them haven't even known it.  The information was all kept "compartmentalized" so that one hand didn't know what the other was doing, so that the most horrific results could be put in motion by just a handful of madmen at the top.  

Each step was legal and limited, so that people responsible for taking that step thought nothing about it.  It was within their job description.  They trusted their superiors.  They moved Shipment A to Point B.  They recorded document L-42-L21443.  They collected their paycheck, went home, went to bed, thought nothing of it.  Why should they?  

They hadn't done anything bad --- that they knew of.  

For all they knew, JAMES really was a gun runner in South America and ANNA was the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados.  Ho-hum.  Duly noted.  Filed. Archived.  

And now the news comes that 46,000 members of the US military, both US Navy and US Army personnel, have been arrested.  Why?  For using "criminal codes" in a computerized weapons system testing program against civilian targets--- American civilians.  

Well, we know where those "codes" came from, don't we?  They are part of the "Master File System"--- the same one that deliberately mis-identified what appeared to be ME as a rum distiller and which mis-identified JAMES as an arms dealer. 

Who knows?  Maybe "RANDY WEAVER" was listed as a dangerous dealer in Far Eastern narcotics?  And his wife, standing in the door of their cabin with her baby in arms?  Well, she might have been listed as a the operator of a whiskey distillery in Kansas.  

Just like 95% of us are listed in their "official" records as unclaimed babies, fatherless waifs, donated to the tender mercies of the STATES OF STATES.  Go ahead, tell your Mom and Dad that you were born out of wedlock and they didn't really bust their humps to feed you and raise you.  Oh, and by the way, they obviously have loose morals and are irresponsible deadbeats and addicts and drunks, bringing a child into the world and leaving him dependent on the STATE, INC.  What other explanation is there? 

Maybe the truth? 

I bet that when an investigation worth its salt gets going, it will be found that all the people killed at the Branch Davidian Compound had sordid anti-American criminal histories a yard long --- even the little two-year olds the heartless insane bastards incinerated. 

It's in a "government" record, right?  It must true, right?  

One can easily imagine men in suits and dark glasses presenting their official Master File evidence to judges and the judges nodding sagely and then shaking their heads and signing the execution orders while muttering, "Known criminals, no doubt." and going home to a good dinner in their Mercedes.  

Really makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?  Knowing that Janet Reno is still walking around and breathing easy?  And the people who gave her the orders, too?  

On the surface at least, it appears that they should all be rounded up and hung--- but who knows how much any of them really knew, either?  It's certainly a question that should be asked, preferably at Gitmo, in the Hole.   

Nothing about these "federal" government operations have been true or right in a very long time--- 1863, to be precise.  In fact, the "government" isn't even the government.  It's just a bankrupt, incompetent foreign governmental services corporation gone bad and left operating on our shores like a runaway train. 

Yes, the vaunted "US" federal government is a corporate cesspool, a gross international disgrace--- not for the Americans who have been the victims, but for the British Government, the French Government, the Holy See, and the United Nations, which are all technically responsible for this Mess and which have all been complicit in this nightmare of lies, violence, and greed. 

So, why are 46,000 members of "our"--- I use that word lightly--- military forces under arrest tonight?  

Because various United Nations treaties mandate that if certain kinds of warfare technologies, including weather modification weapons (see the ENMOD Treaty), are to be tested, they can only be tested against domestic targets. 

That means that they can only shoot up "US citizens" with experimental drugs, hurl hurricanes at "US citizens" and yes, use advanced resonance frequency weapons --- torture weapons --- against "US citizens".  

They have to leave the rest of us alone, but you see, we Americans have almost all been deliberately and fraudulently mis-identified as "US citizens", and an entire false dossier has been compiled against each one of us, which enables these fiends to order clueless subordinates to do incredibly criminal things to innocent people. 

Now that I finally have your attention--- listen up.  

It is imperative that the criminals responsible be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of natural and international law.  

It is imperative that our lawful government get on its feet and walk, in full restoration, no later than June 1, 2018.  

It is imperative that you all get off your duffs and start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs and demanding that your "NAMES" are removed from any fake foreign bank and government records suggesting that you are "US citizens", including all the various Master Files that have been developed by the various agencies--- DHS, Social Security, FEMA, and all the rest.

Call up the members of "Congress" who have betrayed your trust and who are responsible for all of this.  Pigeon-hole them and make their ears bleed with your complaints.  Make the issues very, very plain.  

And then, do what I did--- fire them.  Officially.  Tell the "Congressional Delegation" for the foreign corporation operating as a "State of State" in a Registered Mail letter, explicitly---- "You do not represent me and don't you dare to presume, claim, or allege anything about me or my assets or my political status ever again."

Members of the military and federal civilian services ---take note--- you belong to The United State of America (unincorporated), not the UNITED STATES, INC. or any other foreign corporation. 

You are part of the American Armed Forces.  Not the "US" Armed Forces---- unless you are in the Puerto Rican Navy or part of the Home Guard on Guam or the Washington DC Metropolitan Police. 

And if you have any problems, refer the JAG Officers to me.  I won't have any problem describing this situation to them in words they can fully, completely, and honorably understand.  

Members of the general public, Ma and Pa --- you are non-citizen nationals of The United States of America (unincorporated) and the sovereign land jurisdiction state where you were born. You are nothing and nobody else, not involved in commerce, not involved in drugs, arms, alcohol, or fire works production or sale of any kind -----and you are the landlords.  

You don't owe any rent to anyone.   You don't "reside" here. You live here.

Say it, know it, make it stick.  Shove it down the throat of anyone who says otherwise.  Spit.  Go ahead.  This whole situation deserves it. 

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