Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nazca Alien mummy DNA results reveal ‘mummified remains are not human’


Sensational news regarding the mummified ‘alien’ remains discovered in a remote cave near Nazca Peru: “30 percent of this DNA is similar to the human being, but 70 percent is not.” The DNA tests were carried out by the BioTecMol laboratory,

The mummified alien remains are said to have been found in a remote cave near Nazca Peru. Now, researchers claim that DNA tests results show the mummified beings are NOT human.

Sensational news has been received from the group of researchers behind what is considered one of the most sensational discoveries ever made. The latest DNA test results carried out on the alleged ‘three-fingered mummified’ remains discovered in a remote cave in Nazca Peru suggest they are NOT human.

Ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan made the sensational announcement about the mummified remains at the Ufology World Congress in Montserrat, Spain:

“Tests were carried out to arrive at an extraordinary conclusion.

“30 percent of this DNA is similar to the human being, but 70 percent is not.”

The DNA tests were carried out by the BioTecMol laboratory which has concluded that the bodies were not human in nature.

“As it is the report of a laboratory says that surely they are of bacterial origin. However, in a more detailed analysis, it was found that only 20 percent is of bacterial origin and 80 percent of that 70 percent it was not possible to establish its origin or find another species on Earth that shares it,” added Maussan.

“About 2,000,000 more sequences need to be determined.”

During the World Congress in Montserrat, Mr. Maussan played a video where biologist Ricardo Rangel discusses the discoveries.

“Of the four samples that have been studied, between 19 percent and 30 percent of similarities to the human genome have been identified. We are comparing with animals like primates, the crocodile, the sea turtle to see if there are similarities and the results are that so far with the database we have there is no similarity. We still have a lot more DNA to sequence which will take us at least six months to one year,” says Mr. Rangel in the video.

But despite the fact that the researchers investigating the alleged mummified Alien remains have presented a great amount of information and evidence backing their discovery, scientists and researchers, in general, remain skeptical.

Mr. Maussan is convinced that the alleged discoveries are being undermined by not only the government but by scientists and the Peruvian Ministry of Culture who have attempted to label the mysterious alien bodies as a hoax in fear that the ‘truth’ will lead to history book being rewritten.
Lab tests confirmed the bodies date back to between 245 and 410 AD.

Skeptics believe that the mummified remains were altered on purpose to make the mummies look ‘alien’ in nature.

Scientists who disprove the discoveries made by Mr. Maussan and his team said how the bodies were ‘created’ using mummified human remains, but Mr. Maussan said that those are wild claims since skeptics never even looked or analyzed the bodies.

Mr. Maussan added: “The attitude of the government, the Ministry of Culture, is really to reject these findings, it is very disturbing… the real victim here is the truth.