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Some stuff from 4chan about the missing guard, and the Vegas situation in general


Some stuff from 4chan about the missing guard, and the Vegas situation in general

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Date: Friday, 13-Oct-2017

False Flag: Las Vegas Shooter Conspiracy Unfolding! - YouTube

Excuse the language below, this is from 4chan after all.

In particular, check out the video in the first post below,, in which an amateur reporter visits the home of “missing” security guard Jesus Campos, and actually manages to talk to someone inside, who basically says “no comment” to all her questions. A security guard appears and warns her off. etc. etc.

Posts from this archived 4chan thread:

Selected excerpts start here:

she exposed they’re fake security company

security guard isn’t registered with state of nevada

unseen security business license expired in January 2017

Gag order on family confirmed someone, a female said in Jesus Compos home “i can’t talk about this”

unmarked license plates parked outside of Jesus Campos house

has expensive corvette for a security gaurd

Jesus Campos is missing or on the run


Trump is up against the richest, most powerful and most dangerous people in the world. The people who killed JFK and murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11 so they had an excuse to begin to occupy parts of the Middle East.

Even Art of War reading college Chads should be able to understand this: you have to win BEFORE you attack.

Trump is preparing the ground. The American public has already stopped listening to the corporate media, and even the people who still consume fake news know to take it all with a pinch of salt.
>oh wow turns out a week later that the security guard was shot before not after the shooting
>even though he’s supposedly live and well and able to tell the story

We’re breaking with indulging BLM over that knee bullshit – Americans are not afraid to be pissed off at that and don’t fear being called racist for it. And now Hollywood is in the process of being exposed as a Satanic sex ring. Trump is taking away the ability of the globalist elite to force their message in to our discourses by systematically discrediting all of their channels.

So that if we have to move against them (instead of simply replacing them gradually when they retire/get fired/quit) and they try something drastic, everyone except … most illiterate beaners will see immediately what’s really going on.

[referring to preceding post] yes. Checkmate comes after 100 moves of preparation. He is setting the stage.

what a timeline.
Scenario I fear most

Adelson, Chertoff and their ((cabal)) were behind attacks, using Mossad

Poddack was indeed a patsy, lured into a trap

multiple happenings were planned, with the concert being the most “iconic” attack, this explains the weird armed patrol at Tropicana, and Oct 1 video from Bellagio, where woman and husband convincingly reported glass had been shattered from gunfire there

attacks were to be blamed on ISIS or Iran

plan got snafu’d

Campos either stumbled upon something aloofness or is being pressured via bribes (“youre a hero!”) and coercion to state a prepared narrative about ISIS on Fox News

but he got cold feet, or TPTB need more time to prep him

Trump met with Adelson asap when he arrived in Vegas. Kushner was in tow. Eerie desu. President meeting with Zionists

Adelson tells Trump he hears Paddock was radicalized by ISIS or Iran

Trump’s suspicions confirmed. More incentive to fuck up Muslim countries

more incentive to renege on nuclear agreement with Iran

day after shooting ISIS “takes credit” for massacre

this week ISIS “teases” a video of “Paddock converting to ISIS before the Vegas shooting”

all of these ISIS communications are in fact sourced to Rita Katz and her SITE consultancy firm.
Katz is an Israeli raised in Iraq whose father was killed for Mossad ties

“-John” named Michael Chertoff, too. Another Zionist who served in Homeland Security right after 9/11. He freed the “Dancing Israelis” after pressuring Feds.

What are Chertoff’s ties to the Trump admin? To Kushner? He now operates Chertoff Group, a defense and cyber consultancy

Spoiler: Vegas was Israeli false flag that got botched the day after Yom Kippur. Weinstein forced to take knee by top cabal.

[referring to preceding post] Very close, I believe. Yom Kippur was the final giveaway.

There’s the question of whether “Stephen Paddock” is even a real person, or simply a cover identity that’s been used by varying agents for years and is now being burned. There’s still no evidence a human being that is unambiguously “Stephen Paddock” was even in Las Vegas during the event. The suite photos were staged (ridges in blood show head was dragged) to keep /pol/ and others focused on MD suite – giving Deep State time to scrub the entire city of any evidence.

But the Israeli+Saudi false flag to get the US to destroy Iran+North Korea, I think that’s the big big big ugly secret at the heart of everything.

All the other money stuff, keeping Adelson happy, using the attack to pass the “Liberty Act” to install scanners in every public place in America (profitable and most of all necessary as slaves’ chains when the Zionists make Kushner President in 2024), that was secondary to destroying Iran+NK.
I asked MegaAnon whether Trump’s comment “Calm before the storm,” which he made the day after visiting Las Vegas, was directed at Deep State (meaning Trump knows truth), or whether Kushner and Deep State had convinced Trump it was Iran+NK even though the plot didn’t even work (“our heroic IDF agents stopped it! It was a miracle!). Mega said to trust Trump. I remain dubious but hopeful – since otherwise everything is over.