Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Biggest News Story of The Day - Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital - December 6, 2017

The biggest news story of the day........

Why evangelicals are 'ecstatic' about Trump's Jerusalem move
CNN 3h ago
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital in historic move
ABC News 4h ago
Trump flouts warnings, formally recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel
Chicago Tribune 3h ago
Jerusalem is Israel's capital, says Donald Trump
BBC News 4h ago
Jerusalem: Trump move prompts negative world reaction
BBC News 5h ago
Dems blast Trump for Jerusalem decision despite past support
Fox News 4h ago
'It's catastrophic': US allies reject Trump's Jerusalem pronouncement
Washington Post 4h ago
The Latest: 8 Countries Call for UN Meeting on Jerusalem
U.S. News & World Report 34m ago
Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, defying allies and foes
Reuters 1h ago
Newly crowned by US as Israel's capital, Jerusalem is unique
Fox News 2h ago
Trump's Jerusalem Decision Slammed as 'Deplorable and Unacceptable' by Palestinian Authority
Newsweek 2h ago
With Jerusalem Move, Trump Sabotages His Own Mideast Peace Process
The New Yorker 3h ago
For some South Florida Democrats in Congress, Trump is right on Jerusalem
Miami Herald 1h ago
Israel Hails Trump's 'Historic' Declaration, Palestinians Condemn
U.S. News & World Report 2h ago
Trump's Jerusalem Decision Immediately Prompts Protests After He Claimed It Would “Advance the Peace Process”
Newsweek 2h ago
Capital cities: How are they chosen and what do they represent?
BBC News 4h ago
Trump says US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, despite global condemnation
Politico 4h ago
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
CNN 5h ago
Why Trump's promise to move US Embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial
Fox News 4h ago
Trump's Jerusalem Plan Is a Deadly Provocation
The Atlantic 4h ago
Count the Ways: How GOP Tax Plans Would Reward Rich Families
NBC New York 1h ago
5 Key Points On Jerusalem
NPR 6h ago
State Department to caution US officials against travel to Israel
CBS News 3h ago
No alternative to two-state solution, stresses UN Secretary-General
UN News Centre 4h ago
US Embassy in Jordan warns of violent protests after Jerusalem move
The Hill 2h ago
Trump Is About to Make a Big Announcement About Jerusalem. Catch Up on What You Need to Know and Watch It Live
TIME 6h ago
Israelis Will Pay for Trump's Jerusalem Gambit
Bloomberg 6h ago
Palestinians say Trump Jerusalem decision 'biggest mistake of his life'
CNN 6h ago
Of Course The Jewish Capital of the World Should Be Jerusalem, Israel
Newsweek 7h ago
Heads of Christian churches in Jerusalem urge retaining city's 'international status'
Los Angeles Times 3h ago
World leaders chastise US over Jerusalem 'escalation' 2h ago
Trump ignores warnings with 'reckless Jerusalem move' 4h ago
Jordan 'humiliated' by Trump's decision on Jerusalem 4h ago
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital
The Globe and Mail 3h ago
Fruious Palestinians burn American flags and promise more days of rage as Trump says Jerusalem IS Israel's capital ...
Daily Mail 13m ago
Deep anxiety across the Jerusalem divide over Trump's actions
The Guardian 4h ago
World, bar Israel, condemns Trump Jerusalem announcement
Daily Mail 1h ago
Stocks fall, shekel weakens amid Trump's Jerusalem announcement
The Jerusalem Post 2h ago
Donald Trump: Recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital is the 'right thing to do' 5h ago
Israelis express conflicting emotions about US Embassy move to Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Post 3h ago
Jerusalem explained: Why Trump making it the capital of Israel is so controversial, and what it means for the Middle East
The Independent 3h ago