Monday, December 18, 2017

Getting Help In This NOW Moment ~ A Collective to the Ascension/Spiritual Communities

                         LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Posted on December 19, 2017

I was speaking with a friend today who is struggling every bit as much as I am financially.  She cannot afford her apartment, cannot afford to move even though for health reasons she needs to as the place is moldy.  These things fire me UP.  I want to help her.  I want to help her NOW and it enrages me inside that I have the desire to and yet I am as stuck as she is for a solution.

I was sharing with her my thoughts and opinions on what I see happening. What I desire to see happen.

What I INTEND to happen.

She listened, nodding and then asked the million dollar question ~ the same one I have asked the ascension/lightworker community without a response (who say we must get away from money and not focus on it for it is dark and has created the destruction and suffering):  What do people who need the financial relief do NOW?  What do we do in this NOW moment given money is still required to house/feed oneself?

Argh ~ that frustration is so palpable for me.

Later in the day, I was told my ability to apply for winter heating assistance won’t be happening until the end of February.  I have been making regular attempts to reach these people for the past month – phone calls/messages, e-mails sent.  Today I finally connected.  Sorry, no appointments available until the end of February.

How will I pay my winter heating bills?  I asked.  And why didn’t anyone call me back or e-mail me?
Yes, I know they are overloaded with people in need.  I GET that.

And yet again – what do we do in the NOW moment?

All those preaching on letting money go – who have it/have found financial success in this system – could be doing more by sharing what they have.

Isn’t that what Love does?

Love helps.

Love shares.

Create a FUND already.  DO something.  Find people in need and give them a financial blessing.
Ah, let it go, let it go, let it go, I hear within.  All is well in this NOW moment.
Trust and know all is well.  Know.  Feel.  Trust.  And allow.

To which I also wish to say – tell that to the homeless person who has nowhere to sleep because the local shelter’s are either full or don’t let anyone in until it reaches 30 degrees.  A crime, imho.
This system needs to change and change NOW and I am fed fed fed fed UP with waiting.

Share this with all in your spiritual community.  I watch enough channels to know there are people in the Spiritual Communities who are doing quite well.

Share the love.  Spread it.

There is enough for us ALL – NOW.  This has been stated over and over again.
So ok then.  Time to walk the talk, loves!

Presented with as much respect as my distressed heart can share~