Monday, December 4, 2017

Heart Chakra by Yosef - December 4, 2017

Received via email from Yosef ..... you can look at something a thousand times, and never really see it.  Then all of a sudden, the truth of what it really is just appears.

That’s the RV for me.

After looking at all the transactional aspects of the global financial reforms, and all the transitional aspects for years more, finally I can see the truth… no wonder I have been preaching transition over transaction for years… I needed to learn it myself:)

Let’s call the transaction aspect the bottom up experience, determined by man.  Events unfold at random, nothing but facts and reality to glue one day to the next.  It’s physical.  It’s harsh.  We’ll call this place a lower chakra experience, well below the heart.

That said, let’s call the transition aspect a top down experience, determined by God.  Events unfolding on schedule, nothing but remembered truths easing their way down from heaven.  It’s spiritual.  It’s loving.  We’ll call this place a higher chakra experience, existing above the heart.

Then there’s middle which the current moment… where lower and upper chakras unite.  Where one heart beats and not two or twenty.  Where heaven and earth, earth and heaven unify.  It’s peaceful here.  It’s honest.  It denies nothing, accepts everything and sustains life perpetually

This “heart space” is the best place to experience everything, as what occurs above and below it is made whole.

Yet because the polls of experience are so drastic, so contrasting, so intense… it’s difficult to live in this space consistently let alone survive over an extended time period.

Staying connected to the heart is a challenge.  Why makes no sense.

I offer this existential point-of-view not to confuse or confound other Human Angels, but rather as a snapshot of what’s occuring now.  Right now.  In our shared moment.

There are two realities playing out… simultaneously… one above the heart and one below it.

And when your attention gets pulled in either direction, there’s suffering, pain, no no sustained peace and ultimately no steady life force.

This said, I’d like to address some specific topics re: world events in relationship to this before mentioned theme:


For the longest time I tore Donald Trump a new a**hole.  Was it deserving?  From the looks of things now, yes.

However, when I take step back, and come from a heart place, I see benevolence in his contribution to the transition of all mankind out of bondage.

The irony is that is was his Draconian species was doing the bondage.  Hence my dis-ease when he initially began running and ultimately being given the Presidency.

As there was no democratic election and never has been one in all of American history.  Yup, the deceit has been that deep and total.

Yet Trump’s past did not determined his future.  Meaning, yes Donald Trump is vile, but he used his vile nature to expose all things vile, as well as sons and atrocities committed against mankind for the purpose of human enslavement, to educate and awaken the abused genetic human race.

He is for the lack of a better term an “Instigator of Change.”  And with his ouster, very soon, all the pain and suffering of all these different sins and atrocities while in the White House, will leave with him—flushing away millennia of hell on earth... forever.

Trump, by acting in a perpetual lower chakra state, has actually activated humanity’s collective higher chakra energy, thus allowing humanity to return to our heart chakra space.

Get the picture?

Trump’s malevolent chaos was not only benevolent orchestrated, but intelligently designed to raise the issues one final time, globally, constantly, annoyingly, so they would be both addressed and resolved in a very short time period, as to allow for the grace and benevolence of the financial event to occur without having to back track difficult issues.

Trump brought up everything bad for us to examine in the open, which was difficult to look at but ultimately healthy to re-examine one last time, as he will be taking it with him (the blame too) as his 2017 holiday gift to humanity.


So many of you have a hard time with this one.  I did too.  Took me years to warm up the consciousness that extra terrestrials or non humans walked the earth, let alone manipulated humanity’s genetics and ultimately influenced/invented some races.  Anglo’s especially.  We’re new and were only introduced to earth back in the early 15th century in Europe.

That just ain’t right.

God has agreed and is now in the process of making right everything the Draconian race, created by the Anunaki, did rebelliously wrong.

They are the great Satan (Saturn) as depicted in their planet’s many rings as seen everywhere in our society via their corporate logos.

In the very near future, all the above truth, including how and why our bondage happened in millenia’s past, will be better known publicly, overtly so through mass media and enterainment.

As a result mass consciousness will gradually rise and our third eye awaken to our real truth, and silly bloggers like me will be unnecessary to raise global awareness.

But for the time being, consider this perhaps your first or at least an early indicator of what “alien disclosure” information is to come.

Humanity is not alone, never has been, and other races of beings have controlled both our evolution and ascension for their own purposes—which were in the majority malevolent… until now.

Thus the reason you’re getting such a massive “RV” is because of the injustices, universally, against the human race and this a global reset was needed to repair who are unaware by those of us who are.


In fact To put the size and scope of he repairs that are necessary, let’s look at the transaction aspect of the RV briefly.

In the easing of American law
estate tax which is now being eliminated and long set at $11 million USD, which is less than 1% of 1% of the American public.

Maybe enough to fill up half the 32 NFL football stadiums with affected affluent or ultra high net worth Americans.

This is a bottom up stat of course because just one $100T ZIM note redemption at $1.425 USD is equivalent to 1.425 Q USD at the time of exchange if happened today.

Which would put all Zim holders in a category so statistically small, globally with just 7.8 billion people, no normal calculator could even run the math.

Not enough to fill up even one NFL football stadium on Sunday.

That’s a pure top down starting point.  Hence why date and rate are not a logical discussion at this or any point.  And why the RV event is transitionary versus transactional in its purest form.

Or is it?

To determine that honestly, we need to examine the middle ground between the two because we are human beings, not alien, yet we’re being given a gift by Heaven to serve all other human beings—which by definition makes us Angel-like—half human, half angel… represented numerically by 1111.


How does a benevolent extra terrestrial species overtake and replace a malevolent extra terrestrial species, as to empower all indigenous species without their knowing?

Neither a total bottom up, nor top down strategy really works to accomplish this goal.

That’s why both a bottom up and top down strategy was engaged, and blended over time, as to allow for the gentle (at least as gentle as possible) transfer of conscious from both above and below the heart chakra—to arrive at the heart chakra in peace and prosperity for all.

What’s was difficult for me to understand, accept… is that the malevolent species of extra terrestrials bought into this strategy as to liberate humanity from their invisible captivity.

Somehow, the benevolent aliens must have forced the malevolent aliens to surrender, and then agree to a transition strategy, over an extended period of time, that didn’t change things too fast, but alert humanity to their captivity and ultimately their liberation and inclusion again in the universal family of divine spark created species.

The result is what we’ve been experiencing, chaos and calm simultaneously, worldwide… playing in perfect scripted harmony with one another, but appearing completely unrelated to our naked eyes.

And it was this higher mind strategy, willingly and knowingly playing in lock step with a malevolent strategy, that threw old Yosef for a loop and half.

I could see and even feel both occurring thinking they were opposite forces raging for control, when in fact, they were both cooperating with each other to expose and correct all the sins done against humanity, one by one, slowly, with a common villain in Trump to flush them all away when the time was right.

Amazing to conceive and very hard to decipher, if not impossible if coming just from a bottom up or just from a top down perspective… both seem to be working together in unison for the greater good, as both a drawing nearer to the common heart chakra for lasting and abounding planetary peace and prosperity.



Now because of this duel strategy of realities playing out in real time, we can also deduce that China is firing non threatening rockets towards Japan to get the entire Asian continent’s attention; and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been artificially reignited to occupy the attention of the entire Middle East; and BREXIT was ginned up to consume Europe’s attention while the whole Russian Collusion saga with Trump was manufactured to absorb the attention of all North American citizens.

Making every populated continent on the planet consumed and overstimulated by a regionally important news event, specifically targeted for their cultural curiosity, as to usher in the RV when the time was right without any detection and well before Christmas… as to give the greatest economic and emotional lift humanity when the big bad wolf Trump is dethroned.

That moment of liberation of just the endless negative news pounding, will allow us to enter our collective heart space, where all bottom and top aspects meet to have tea and laugh about all the old injustices and new abundances we had to endure to be here now.  Aware.  Prepared.  Alive.

God is with us