Monday, December 18, 2017

Life Without Food: An Interview With Ray Maor ( A Man Who Doesn’t Need To Eat) – The Breatharian
Thais Gibson
December 18, 2017

Ray Maor is a very powerful spiritual teacher, consciousness guide, and breatharian. What does this mean? Ray doesn’t need food to survive and thrive. Since 2012 Ray has been living the Pranic lifestyle, and is the go-to expert on this topic. He went over a year without eating any food, and incorporated numerous bouts of dry fasting (no food, no water) into his diet throughout the year.

Ray has mastered the Pranic lifestyle and now initiates people into a ten-day breatharian process. He emphasizes the importance of spiritual and mental cleansing along with this deep physical cleansing process, and maintains that this is a powerful tool for self-actualization and healing — when done correctly of course.

After conducting this life-changing interview with Ray, my perception shifted dramatically about what our relationship to food is really based upon. It also opened me up to questioning many deeper belief systems around the things we accept as “norms” in society.

Do we really need to eat food?

Are we addicted to food or not?

Is our attachment to food based on our emotional associations or physical addiction to food?

First, let’s dive into it. What is a breatharian?

A breatharian is defined as someone who can give up food and water and live completely off prana. Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates as “life air,” or “life force.”

The notion of “prana” is mentioned in many ancient traditions. Japan, China, and Polynesia all have individual terms to reference “life-force energy,” with unique references to what we call Breatharianism today.

How do we become a Breatharian?

The idea is that it is important to be initiated into this lifestyle, or to be guided by someone experienced. We can slowly transition by becoming vegetarian, then vegan, and eventually reduce to fruits and vegetables. Following this would be a liquid diet of juices and shakes, and eventually incorporate fasting and dry fasting into our experience.

It is important to not try this on your own, as there are very specific breathing techniques associated with this transformation. There is also a great deal of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing that must be done to properly facilitate change.

Ray shares that one of the most powerful aspects to becoming a Breatharian is that it forces us to really dig deep into some of the deepest programs that exist within us. He uses the analogy that questioning our beliefs around food creates the effect that “the house of cards is collapsing.” He also recommends that we really look into the placebo effect and take these ideas much more seriously in order to create proper transformation.

What are the supposed benefits to living the Pranic Lifestyle?

  1. It is through this experience that we are open to the deepest types of cleansing we could imagine — at the level of mind, body, and spirit.
  2. Our body is a self-healing organism. Once you stop eating, it can go back to a deep self-healing state, eliminating illness and deeply stored traumas.
  3. The Pranic lifestyle allows you to have significantly more energy, productivity, and clarity of mind — all while saving time and money!
  4. We play a massive role in saving the environment.

Three Major Takeaways of This Interview

1. Water has a memory. Some of you might be familiar with this from some of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work. This memory holds your traumas in the cellular membrane, and when you release these deeply stored emotional memories, emotional healing takes place at the physical level. Holy mind-body connection!

2. When you get sick, it’s your body giving you feedback that you are in deep resistance to something. There is either a negative emotional situation you are holding onto, or a deep resistance you are feeling and not acknowledging in some aspect of your life.

3. When we fast, the body begins eating and releasing decayed blood cells. This allows us to create new and healthier T cells to positively impact the immune system. This lifestyle has the potential to keep us healthier, younger, and more energetic both short and long-term.

Why You Should Watch This Interview

It is a beautiful thing to be in the habit of questioning your belief systems. One of the biggest contributors to suffering in our world is that we believe our own thinking without question. When we are identified with our thoughts and beliefs, we are limited. When we see incredible evidence of the power of the placebo effect, it provides practical reasoning for us to really dig into ourselves and see what we accept as truth.

Whether you resonate with this or not, it is powerful to open your mind, learn from some of the incredible wisdom that Ray shares with us, and ask yourself what part of your reality has currently been left unquestioned. How would it serve you to dig deeper into yourself and your beliefs, and challenge what no longer aligns with the highest expression of you?

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