Sunday, December 3, 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown Update - "Arrival" Has Already Occurred; First Contact Will be Different than Many Perceive - December 1, 2017

"Arrival" Has Already Occurred; First Contact Will be Different than Many Perceive, New Supportive Video

As with the Ascension of Earth to Open the Portals to NEW Earth for us all in 2012, we are in a pivotal shift of consciousness again. In 2015, the Galactic Core Opened up and the Rainbow Bridge completed for inner-galactic travel to go wide-open too, opening up the ability for us to connect in the physical here. Now, this HUGE GATEWAY opens new portals/passageways again. It's time to refocus our beliefs/mentalities to LOOK UP and then go inward then look out/around, at each other to truly SEE....

Ground Crew first, then other alternative timelines can open up..... ​

This article is long, yet it's important that it be delivered in it's entirety, with more articles (which are also activations) to follow to supplement these Passageways/Gateways we are now in.... Additional notes will be posted at the conclusion and I've combined the December 1st Video as well. Happy Activating! ♥

WE walk amongst you for a very long time now
Your openness or fear/disbelief dictate your own awareness of this
We've made ourselves visible
Opened up opportUNITY for all to Unite AS LOVE
You must set aside your differences and limited beliefs of being saved
To realize the only thing holding you back from "here with us" is you

When you actually open up to fully embrace "The Ground Crew", Forerunners and Embodiers
Who have been here all along
Then you'll embrace who you also truly are
Until you've acknowledged the existence of all of us already here
What makes you "think" we'd want to make contact any other way?

If you cannot accept, support and truly come together with us already here now
What shows us that you are ready for anything else?

You have to achieve the vibration to inner-act as LOVE
You have to SHOW US that you are already ready BEFORE
You have to RESPECT and work together as LOVE
You have to be PURE with your intentions, actions, agendas, energy, things and words
You basically have to PROVE YOURSELVES
That YOU are READY for US

Our Plasma bodies are different than your human ones
Our Hybrid Bodies operate differently, totally energetically, which powers our Light Bodies/form
Our nervous system, our vibration, our energy, requires to always/constantly be pristinely tuned
Humans in carbon-based bodies operate at a much different vibration

With linear constructs held within their cellular body and "backwards" spinning fields
That pull, push, intrude, resist and impose and drain
Because they don't yet Embody their own Source Light Power and use "others" for this
Whether they are conscious or not, it does not matter, as it's a transmission on a cellular level
Emanating out from their vibrational field
This creates huge and continual small distortions within the Unified Field
These distortions, while tolerable for a short period of "time"
are not tolerable for long periods
with our plasma crystalline lightbodies that we "travel/live in" here
Our fully alive and constantly communicating bodies process light intelligence as we breathe
And power our individual Star-Light Ships and Star Gate Systems
As each is a commander of their own Ship here
Our BEing connects us with all as LOVE
Which means that we are always aware and in-tune
and it is Cosmically required that exercise our responsibility to choose what to allow in our fields

Longer Interaction can only be with those holding the highest vibration with ALL of their BODIES
Operating as PURE SOURCE LIGHT too
As Pure Divine Essence Love, as a Way of BEing
Holding the Field of Super Consciousness in place
Operating from Zero Point where all is birthed
through Divine Presence, Intentional Creation and the Purity of Deep Sacred SOUL LOVE
When we are in the presence of humans, this takes all of our energy to maintain
When we are in the presence of other Pure Light BEings contributing their high energy too
It is not only easy, it's inJOYable, inspiring and so much fun!
It's a Galactic Soul Family RE-Union in the physical here!

Our Re-Unions require y/our total presence, total purity of your own SOUL, total respect and integrity as LOVE
WE are vibrating all around you
Walking amongst you, silent and pure
and transmitting light encodements to activate your higher dimensional aspects too
We need not engage you, in the store, on the street, at work or social events/gatherings, at home
Unless there is beneficial purpose for all
Our Activated Field will activate your dormant codes just through coded field connections
An actual exchange is not necessary, unless it's in Divine alignment to occur

Now, when you vibrationally "see" a SHIP
It is to awaken your human aspect and to prepare you
To activate your higher dimensional codes
To further your cleansing and evolutionary process along
So that your Galactic Soul Aspect can emerge fully too
You will begin to see more ships and Lights in the sky
Anomolies and unexplainable "events" to your human aspect
If you notice, the stars, planets, moon and other "space aspects" are changing/moving too
As you are not in the same galaxy that you were before
You are and you are not
As they are all merging into ONE
Collapsing the "distance" and the separation that once was
In addition to each now seeing projections differently than before
As the veils are lifted and more becomes visible vibrationally, moreso ever than before

You will be activated to our "already" presence more
Yet as long as you see us as "outsiders" (separate) or something to save you or fix anything
Your vibration is still out of tune
You must connect with US as a Beautiful Divine part of you
An aspect forgotten, disconnected from or "lost"
When you "fell" vibrationally to enter human form and the unconscious realms of amnesia
All by Soul Choice too
As you BECOME a PURE Galactic,
By transversing the depths of the Galactic Core from deep within you
Access is by way of the Embodiment of your own Soul and all aspects awakened here
You will REMEMBER FULLY again
This process will bring you "closer" to "contact"
Which can only be momentary until you hold the vibration to actually inner-act in the physical realm
As Earth Ship Gaia (Terra Nova) continues to raise her frequency
Which is substantially on a daily basis now
As the atmospheres of all galaxies merge into this physical one
You will start to experience more of this until full access (inner veils dissolving) has been restored

Focus on your entire vibration
Get your vibration up, no matter what it takes and keep it there
Allow any unconscious programs to surface for you to recognize and choose to simply clear
Anywhere you still have ego/separation, this will inhibit your ability to vibrate at your Galactic Vibration
So it's up to you to recognize this and dissolve it yourself
Deconstruct your illusory realities and re-build them
By using your embedded Universal Codes of Love that's encoded in your Star BEing DNA

Everytime you see a ship, get excited
and then look all around, see your DNA activating this within you and everyone you meet
Not up, but around
This alone will raise your awareness and vibration in order to be able to SEE
If you're looking as love and excited, then you are open and ready
For Uniting in the physical realm/plane is necessary first

Look "past" (beyond) the physical form that your human can only see
Connect energetically with our LIGHT ESSENCE in order to FEEL us and KNOW US again
We are only visible BEYOND what your limited, judgmental, mis-perceiving human ego-mind can understand
You will recognize us by our ENERGY SIGNATURES and Christed Light Encodements transmitted
and RECEIVED when your heart/mind/energy are all fully open to this
Your Openness vibrates YOU INTO OUR REALITY
Not the other way around (as it is often perceived)
We are already HERE, all around you
We've been waiting for you to arrive vibrationally for eons....
For you to be ready, for you to achieve the vibration
For our Unified Galactic Existence Here

HERE is Unity, Love, Respect, Consideration, Harmony, Kindness, Supportive, Caring & Sharing
On a level that your human aspect did not have the capability for before
Here is the frequency of HOME
Once you FEEL it and recognize it, you'll settle for nothing less anymore

All of those human programs must be cleansed from your cellular body and template
In order for you to achieve vibrationally the frequency to "dial" these coordinates to "arrive" here
You too, as Hybrid, a Galactic Soul in a HUman body form
must see beyond the limits of your fixed linear constructs and human ego mind

You must return to Purity and Love as THE WAY you live your whole life
You must be kind, respectful and actually care enough to be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your highest vibrational existence in order to "get" here
You have always been the one who held the way to re-connect in the physical here
You just were not fully able to access it before
Because of the walls/barriers you built around your heart
and by allowing your human-ego-mind to maintain control

The "new" Key-codes/Star-Codes have been delivered to be activated by each one of you
As you are ready to awaken fully by transcending your entire Ego/Separation/human experience
In order to return to your highest state of consciousness through unification fully from within

You are the ONE that activates these codes from within you
by expanding your consciousness from deep within you OUT to activate them in your field
You are the ONE that must HOLD the highest state of consciousness at all times
and allow them to embed into your body template, your organs, your bones, your muscles
So that your DNA/RNA can re-code (and your genetics too)

To return your bodies to PURITY
Through the integration of these Star Light Codes and new geometrics made available to you
You are the ONE that must PROVE to US that you are READY and capable to maintain full consciousness in every interaction and situation now

WE are not in a hurry to engage your unconscious human race
There is no joy or purpose in this
(Other than to awaken, activate and create awareness beyond what human's can perceive)
Because every time WE do, you SHOW US that you hold conditions and limits within you still
Every time we ENGAGE YOU, something happens to show us how unconscious you still are
Where you still think of yourself first (root chakra, self-preservation/survival/protection mode)
Where you do not yet LOVE and step-up fully to SERVE HUmanity
Where you are not ready to support, come together, follow through and share
Where you only show up when you want something
Instead of actually OFFERING (Contributing) on a Soul Level
Which is an OPPOSITE energy flow/spin of human-ego-ways.

We open a portal of opportUNITY, then just wait and observe
Your human aspect does not need much rope to hang yourselves
It's quite interesting and perplexing at how you keep repeating cycles over and over again
We can Open a Portal of OpportUNITY for you to step through in order to be a part
of our Galactic Civilizations that already exist
Yet where you are still human and have doubts/fears/don't trust
You won't step through the portal or complete the initiatory passageway
You'll "go back" to the perceived safe or easy way, not realizing it's not technically safe or easy
It's just a "longer route" through the SEPARATION OF TIME, where you are allowed this choice still
There are more lessons for you to learn (experiences to teach your human) if you take this route
It doesn't matter to us which path you take
As your arrival is imminent, eventually
For us, time does not exist, as all is vibrational here
You'll "arrive" when you've achieved the vibration
This is how all works here
We are busy fulfilling highest purposes, missions and roles through Unity-Love-Consciousness here

You INITIATE through your "Every Moment" Experiences, actions, energy and non-actions too
You, as a human, do not understand that EVERYTHING IS AN INITIATION
until you have fully completed each process for full Embodiment here
For your entire everything must vibrate at the absolute highest & purest Frequencies
of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE in order to exist fully here
You have to step-up and be ready ALL OF THE TIME
Not just those fleeting moments when your human is in a state of want or need
Your INITIATION IS THROUGH BEING Unity-Love-Consciousness and your Effort you put forth here
Through your EVERY BREATH, words and actions
Your entire existence dedicated to this
All that you have and are - COMMITTED to ALL OF OUR Highest Dimensional Existence here

We've been "testing" interaction for years
Opening portals of opportUNITY for you to embrace
Where your human still has conditions/limits/fears still
You are not ready VIBRATIONALLY for a mutual exchange
We observe you separate off inside to "go unconscious", allowing your ego-mind to re-enter back in
We observe you try to "think" as a human again,
instead of opening your heart more to connect on a deeper level to trust what you already know
Which closes the portals giving you access to step over into a new reality easily
and activating a different path/parallel reality to experience to work through that unconscious energy you still hold inside
Telepathically we observe your thoughts, your emotions, your energy
Through an electromagnetic field that connects us all
The confusing signals you send out of what's going on inside of you
And where you let fear/hesitation dictate, instead of JUMPING as LOVE at EASY
Your Energy Speaks FOR YOU
You need not say a word
Your actions do too, when you do not show up, come through on your end, this speaks loudly
As distortions scream through photonic light and are visible to us, yet not always you

We exist on a vibrational plane with the ability to vibrate in and out of your reality in many ways
Physically for short periods, in your sleep state (where your human mind is not in control) and our consciousness can interact with greater ease) and your waking state energetically through holographic field access as well
Your perception of "who we are" is still distorted in many ways
For many of you, your fears and old beliefs/mentalities/stories inner-fear for you still
As you clear these distorted programs from within you
You will realize we are already here

You will then be able to TUNE YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS to a vibration that allows you to see us and be able to inner-act too
You will also realize that your highest vibration AT ALL TIMES IS REQUIRED
And until you can HOLD THIS AS YOUR NEW WAY of BEING, you'll contract back down to see what's not vibrationally aligned in order to align all yourself

You will come to realize how you are totally responsible for absolutely everything you are creating and allowing to occur
How ZERO POINT works in conjunction with all existences here
How all that you "bring forth" re-creates and that in order to exist in these ULTIMATE HIGHEST TIMELINES NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL
You must resolve/dissolve all into love in every moment and start every moment anew

At first, these interactions will be short periods to activate your Higher Dimensional Galactic Encodements and allow you to fully acclimate to
Each interaction will activate your next level of cleansing, deep template wiping on a cellular level for new/re-generation to occur
All that you hold onto will "inhibit" your ability to remain in these higher vibrational realities for very long
It might be a few moments, a day, a week, a month or longer, yet each "time" will shorten in duration that all is not able to fully synchronize with highest existence now

As you fully align on a SOUL Level, you create a whole new foundation that is PURE
This foundation will hold fast, as you build the infrastructure of your new realities and base your entire realities on this
These new realities span all dimensions and timelines infinitely
And provide the "security" you seek
Your Security is not through fixed anything
Your access to INFINITE everything becomes available to you
as you prove yourself on a Universal and Galactic Level
that you are not going to "go human" anymore
Momentarily, sure, while you intentionally clear and old unconscious program that presents
Yet you don't let this sway you or "knock you off" as you once did before
Because you finally understand HOW REALITIES are formed/take shape/materialize
And how vibrational realities work. :)

As a multi-dimensional, continual expansion and contraction are a part of the process here
Your human aspect won't understand this, because it cannot accept how this process works yet
These periods last as long as you hold any unconsciousness programming/separation inside still
You vibrate in and out, to and from, continually, being able to remain longer each time you resolve all back into love and choose a higher timeline of existence and do the necessary "work" to anchor it in
Your carbon based bodies are bound to a lower dimensional timeline
You must focus on your vibration and the EMBODIMENT OF YOUR OWN LIGHT in order to evolve your DNA/RNA/Genetics, which means much physical re-configuration will constantly need to occur
You must support this process and your body in every NATURAL WAY that you can
It must be your priority, not a hindsight that occurs when you have no other choice left
Your body is your vessel, the container, your Space Suit and your Light Ship builds around this (in your field)
You will have continual "tuning" and "re-calibration" periods where you cannot "do" anything
Other than honor what your body tells you it needs (sleep, food, nature, rest, fun, alone time, to work in-service, etc.)
for the integration of massive amounts of photonic light and acclimating to these immense plasma and crystalline frequencies take everything we've got until the integration/re-coding process is complete
This is not done on your human's "time schedule" and when it is convenient for you
This is done on a Universal schedule, aligning with planets, solar activity, moon cycles and more

You will achieve the ability to operate on/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT
Where your light activates and supports all in your field naturally and organically
Where YOU are the ONE that holds the UNIFIED field in place
So if you are the only one, you will have to limit your exposure and rebuild your energy on a regular basis in order to maintain/sustain enough light to POWER THE WHOLE SHIP for all
Until "they" are ready to fully "come on-board", you will have to choose when enough is enough

Too much exposure to lower/denser vibrations/slower/backwards spins, and your field slows, affecting your reality, where you have to overcompensate and maintain more balance from within you. You can do this for short periods, until each passageway is completed and that timeline either solidifies in or dissolves. Where others are contributing, stepping up, offering, supporting, pulling the weight, this is easy and all receive appropriately too
Where there is an imbalance, then this must be "corrected" by all or the one whose field "they are using" to hitch a ride on.... get my point?

You will move between processes, from being a GENERATOR, to a transmitter, to a receiver, then all simultaneously at once. You will activate multiple dimensional aspects of yourself and master each one as love too. Each has a different reality. See how busy you are? You don't have "time" for frivolous nonsense, chaos or drama here. :) And if you didn't know it, everything human-ego is frivolous nonsense technically, as there is a higher aspect of you that does not engage/entertain this. Your entire reality does depend on you. You will "act" all of these energies out until you are done and ready to move on/shift into a higher vibrational timeline here.

Your Galactic NEW Earth Existence means learning all new ways
Your body serving new purposes than it did before,
as a linear "sleeping" human functioning from separation ego space
Your body is mutating, changing, shape-shifting inside, if you will,
re-configuring itself constantly to be able to handle much higher dimensional existence
Your DNA constantly re-coding
Your body goes through a lot
Your human mis-identifies and mis-construes everything,
trying to fit all in old linear boxes, using old mentalities and beliefs,
because what is really true is beyond limited, fix-mentality/mindset human compression still
Your human looks for answers in the physical, instead of higher realms/alternate dimensions first
Because it's looking for a cause or a fix, a linear answer, instead of a vibrational one
Your body serves a higher purpose, as do you (and all)
Yet while your human aspect inner-fears at every turn, your higher-self aspects already know
You must choose who you allow to be in charge
Your Galactic Soul or your human-ego one
Whoever you allow to "fly/drive/pilot your ship"
Dictates the physical dimension you actually experience/exist/live in

WE don't lower our vibration or slow our field spin to enter into unconscious dimensions/realities
WE hold the highest vibration and wait until you are ready to increase your own field spin and raise your own overall/physical body vibration to "arrive" here to exist with us
However long that may last
One moment, one day, one week or longer
Until you've achieved the vibration to "stay here" fully through LIVING your own highest consciousness all of the time too

Here, everything is ENERGETIC FIRST
The physical matches this
High photons, high electromagnetics, high plasma, high bio-kinetic living breathing organisms
All electrical, stimulating, excited, connected and alive again
Physical matter vibrates and takes new form constantly
De-materializing and re-materializing in every nano-second
Energy charging particles to take new form in response to full vibrational consciousness
These "Space Particles" are pulled together to create realities by way of vibrational transmissions
Existence is very easy, as it's not as physical as your human existence once was, where you "tried so hard"
This is literally quite the opposite of that
Here there is no trying
There is observing, seeing, knowing, doing and allowing and intentionally aligning
There is very little effort, other than the occasional "physical work" that is necessary to physically move matter in form from one location to another, which still is not work as in the old context
Here, physical labor is through love and it's fully connected too
In unison, out of deep sacred respect and a state of ONENESS with the physical
Physical "work" is inJOYable, peaceful and a meditative experience within itself
Through consciousness connection, something human's don't have the capability for
As the ego/separation must dissolve for this to be achievable by each
So keep in "mind", every time you compromise your vibration, you make it harder on your self
Which is why we do not compromise vibrationally in any way
As it serves no purpose and is no service to anyone at all, vibrationally speaking that is

Realities are vibrational, therefore all must completely align and sync up
otherwise they collapse/dissolve, due to vibrational mis-match
This process of "Interlocking Geometrics" is constantly changing as well
Your transmitted vibrations and frequencies transmit Interstellar codes to tell Quantum Particle Geometrics how to take physical form
If you can visualize sacred geometric shapes and see how they all intrinsically link up
When realities and all are unable to synchronize fully,
then these link-points can never fully lock/anchor in,
therefor the foundation and structure is unstable/"loose"
whereas the slightest vibrational disharmony stops the full linkage from setting in
This is why each of you must anchor all fully within yourselves
and hold all in place long enough, so that all else responding vibrationally has a chance to complete this reciprocal process as well
This is another reason why it's so important for all to hold the highest consciousness in place at all times, because where you don't "complete" the process, where you don't follow-through, then the physical is unable to fully align = in response to you

We are selective with who we engage
We have to be, as humans are unconscious and unaware of what they are doing
As they cannot see the bigger picture yet and function from an extremely limited view
Those who are unconscious and even the ones who "think" they are conscious
Send out vibrational transmissions without full awareness of how they affect the "ALL"
These unconscious transmissions, even from the kindest and most caring
have repercussions across dimensional (time) lines and space
Which dependent on the vibrational bandwidth, correlates to how the separation or non-separation of "time" equates

Access to all dimensions means non-linear existence where all is visible and considered FIRST
Human aspects do not have this capability yet, because their UNIFIED HEART/MIND have not been fully brought online with their whole body consciousness and linked up to their field
Therefore, we are the ones that take responsibility in what is acceptable and not
What is tolerable, what is allowed and what we will support
Unconsciousness cannot be supported, as it affects the whole/all
This is each's responsibility, yet for those refusing to accept the power they hold
Then those of us who have access must maintain the highest everything until everyone else is ready or comes forth who truly is
Every vibration "sent out", returns a RESULT
NEW Geometrics have been introduced now
That replace the old, much more intricate and simple simultaneously than before
These geometrics are constantly moving, taking new form
Quantum Star-Light BEings are able to maneuver and adapt to "new" vibrationally in order to maintain flow
Human aspects are fixed, holding on, resisting change, try to keep carrying/bringing "old" forth and live from root chakra programming, instead of their higher heart/mind/Unified Field of Love

If we allow for human (ego) interaction for too long
It causes us to use up too much energy in order to sustain both us and them
Our bodies, while they look human, are not any longer
They are bio-conductive light, transmitting continually, re-charging our cells from inside
We can use external stimuli to enhance this process, yet it's only necessary if we allow ourselves to completely deplete
Therefore, we do not entertain depletion unless it is necessary for the next rebuilding phase

Where all are fully conscious, have restored their body templates to "original templates", hold Christed Consciousness & God Source Creator Consciousness from their core and emanate this out, then we can engage for longer, taking breaks to re-tune where necessary
Kind-of like a "charging station" for batteries, this is how we treat our sacred space we occupy too
Our space and surroundings must also maintain the highest vibrational frequency
In order to support our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies and rapid-evolving DNA/templates
This requires differently than the typical "home" that most humans are accustomed to
Everything is vibrational, so there is no chaos or disruptions in the field
Our homes are a sanctuary, a Light Ship and most are unable to function in the frequencies that we live in
Our bodies, brains, nervous and breathing systems and "Portable Stargates" all function Quantum Style too
Everything is dedicated to supporting the highest vibration, so that we can do what we came here to do
Our physical bodies operate primarily plasma, crystals and light intricately interwoven with a Vibrational Human-Star Particle Matter form
We often do still require food to sustain, yet it's different, as all supports the current processes that the body is running to re-code new DNA
When we are super-charging and our bodies are working non-stop
We need more food to support this
The type of food is determined by the current ratio of radio-active, gamma, plasma energy

We have to choose where we are willing to "over compensate" for human interaction to occur
Where the relationship is visibly aligned with higher timelines and we are fulfilling an agreement to activate another to a certain point
We can consciously choose to do this until it no longer serves higher purpose anymore
At which time the exchange will conclude, either by both parties or by us,
as unconscious humans don't do well with change and won't consciously dissolve timelines when this is necessary to occur
Because we have the capability to over-ride unconscious programming for certain "time" phases
We can consciously engage in a partially unconscious reality for a brief period to complete the "intended mission", if you will
Now, where there are large groups or long periods for us to maintain
We can shift into a different vibration so as to accomplish this
kind-of-like using "reserve energy" longer, as our bodies are adaptable to support aligned realities
Yet this takes our entire focus and ability to distribute energy differently in order to sustain
At the end of every "unconscious exchange" where we needed to use all of OUR energy to sustain
Then our bio-electrical plasma energy bodies may collapse in order to breakdown and re-build or regenerate even stronger and more capable than before
This is a part of the process that many currently evolving Light BEings may still be unaware of

All tuned to the highest vibration of Light and holding profound LOVE for all from our CORE
Quantum Light "moves" and works differently than carbon-based human bodies do
Carbon-based bodies are denser (and still asleep)
Operating/spinning at a different ATOMIC RATE

Our atoms are comprised differently, therefore working differently too
They are Quantum, photonic and completely non-linear
Moving in every direction, without anything "holding them" in place
Our physical forms have to constantly adapt as well
Expansion, contraction, dropping density, re-working the whole neural network system and more

Our whole body/all bodies are awake and online
fully conscious and communicating constantly
Higher mind consciousness never shuts down, so we are conscious/working in every state
Wake and sleep, it doesn't matter, as each state inner-acts with each other differently too
For humans these states are separate and for us they are both important and allow us to accomplish what cannot be done through separated states like before
Our sleep state allows us to clear immense timelines, activate new timelines, work things out so that our waking state is not only easy, it's inJOYable, fun, productive and serves highest purposes at all times
We can actually "do" in our sleep state and awake to much already being done
All we have left is what we could not accomplish or needs an actual physical interaction in this realm to create/clear/"teach/show" us something we were unaware of before

FIRST CONTACT is now, all around you
Yet not as you perceived before
It's you AS THE GROUND CREW connecting with others already on the ground too
It's you releasing the foreign words of separation "alien" and "extra terrestrial"
to realize that you are the "alien" and that "extra" is the dormant DNA/chromosomes you hold
Extra referred to "beyond" the Earth (Terrestrial)
And now the Earth has fully gone Galactic, this is no longer "beyond"
It's our NOW GALACTIC NEW EARTH, the Living Breathing Earth Ship that we Live on

Plasma flares, plasma emissions, plasma bursts, plasma eruptions are every day now, all day
Plasma Gates, Sun Gates, Star Gates all wide open continually and filling our SPACE here
Our atmospheres of a different density, breathable air is very different here as well
Your bodies have to evolve, drop density, re-constructing your breathing apparatus
So that you can breathe in these higher altitudes as you vibrate higher than ever before
The human body does not do well with GRAVITY GOING
It takes continual acclimation to ascend the physical body into Galactic atmospheres here
Your Galactic Aspects "moving in" and no longer "out there"
They were always inside, yet you did not hold the vibration fully before, yet you will
If you chose NEW Earth as your new HOME to reside on,
Heaven on Earth is here as you embody your Christed/God/Pure Source Creator Light too
Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment means full Unity in absolutely in every way
No more separation in any way
Outside only reflects back your own polarity and any distortions that you hold inside of you
Where you have resolved these, they will not play out in your current physical reality
So pay attention to what your head is creating and you are believing still
You are either excited, ready, embracing and anchoring all new or continuing to carry the old forth through until you are done/tired of that being your reality still
When you shift/expand your consciousness and HOLD it in the timeline you desire for your actual experience here
The moment that "culmination occurs", that will become your physical experience
How cool is that?

All birthed or walking into physical form here
have to go through the body waking up and dissolving of veils from within
to return to full consciousness again
These are the NEW Earth HUmans, the matured Galactics evolving from Star Seed status to
Star-Light-BEings to Guardians holding the codes for all of HUmanity here
These are US and YOU, if you resonate with this
Yet you must claim it and be ready to BE this in your physical, claim it to embody it and then stand AS those aspects in how you live your every moment of your higher dimensional life here

With continual death/rebirth cycles, as the Phoenix and Christed Light
Every moment anew, we had/have to learn everything all over again
When we've activated enough light to become our higher selves and the whole Universe again
We had to let go of all no-longer aligned, continually
and still do, as this is a natural part of our continual ascension/evolution into higher states of consciousness in every moment now
We too had to endure the physicalness of transformation and evolution from sleeping unconscious human to Star-Light-BEing
Learning how to consciously and intentionally continually align all ourselves
and to KEEP all aligned once we did
Everything that presents must be "assessed" to see if it represents the old or our new
Every moment is choosing what we desire to experience here

WE all here, chose Earth School as our initiation process and proving ground
until it was time to GRADUATE TO FULL-SERVICE positions here
Now WE as Galactics (along with blooming Star-Seeds connecting on a SOUL LEVEL that is pure)
are to UNITE, as each is truly ready, to fulfill much higher purposes/missions here
This is a part of our REMEMBERING through Our Universal/Cosmic Hearts
allowing us more access continually to the GRAND DIVINE PLAN (bigger picture) as we re-evolve
Where there is any human'ness (ego-separation), this can/will dissolve (collapse) old timelines/realities instantly now
New ones can be created/activated as each is truly ready to fulfill highest purposes together here

Now, not one of us is meant to depend on each other as a crutch
To use each other to fill a space of lack or avoidance to standing in our POWER as LOVE
This uniting is a "pooling" of our reSOURCEs, gifts/abilities to CREATE MORE easier than it would be if we took the "long route" of doing it all by our self.
This "doing it by our self" is necessary for awhile, as we transcend old belief limits of "thinking" we could not
Once we realize that there are no more limits, then we can unite, because "together" is not taking the "easy way" out
Uniting is mutual support, mutually beneficial realities, mutual and reciprocal respect and love
It is sharing without the "that is mine", which is only necessary when a separated human is in the picture, because they are not open to fully sharing, supporting, pulling their weight as a part of the "whole/all" yet and live in duality still

Here, every moment is a-new
Every moment our cells break down old codes/programs and re-construct/re-build new realities according to the new geometrics anchored in our physical body and templates too
Here, the focus is on what we are CREATING, transmitting and affecting vibrationally
Here, CREATION UNITES, INSPIRES and excites our cells and supports each in every way
Here, Unity-Love-Consciousness is the common bond that is the "glue" for the foundation of our Galactic NEW Earth REALities here
This anchors more Heaven on Earth for us all
or at least those who are ready for this experience to replace the old

Here, Galactic Civilizations are formed as we come together to be the GALACTICS in our physical form, the SOULS with a body that we "look beyond" to see and connect to what's deep inside
This depth is where we function from and how we re-connect with each other here
This depth will continually take us deeper than we ever had access to before
As the Depths of the SOULar Regions, Galactic Core and all of "Space" and Galaxies
Emerges from within us as we evolve
The distance across Galaxies/Galactic Regions no longer distant
As all "folds over" (collapses/converges) to be the SAME SPACE now

We as the Guardians hold the schematics for all of everything in our templates now
for implementation as all are ready,
as it takes us all to accomplish the huge tasks that present now
We are the Ambassadors, the Light Keepers, the Emmisaries and Peace Keepers IN FORM
WE have unified all of our aspects into one FORM
Look past our form to SEE US and to totally REALize yourself as a mirror to this as well here
Look deep inside of yourself and embrace ALL OF YOUR ASPECTS
to REMEMBER who you are as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (Energy) in a form here
From your Christed/Crystalline Aspects, to your God (Particle) to your Galactic Aspects too
You are not just "one" anything
You are ALL things merged into ONE
As you re-connect with your own Divine Essence and Presence again
A NEW YOU that you have forgotten is birthed/reborn
This new REMEMBERED you has been waiting
For you to open up and be ready to accept, own and see
For as you do, you also EMBODY
the vastness of the infinite within one tiny nano-particle that explodes as your cosmic cycles repeat infinitely too

As you reconnect with Generosity, your own HUmanity
and are ready to step forth to offer, support and share
You will automatically receive abundantly
It is that easy, when you allow it to be

It's humble, it's kind, it's considerate, yet this love does not support separation/unconsciousness
Instead it observes and decides what vibrational action is appropriate
Sometimes this is re-educating through highest consciousness, sometimes this is stepping back to allow a necessary/current reality/timeline to play out
WE allow all through Divine Timing, are beyond patient, as we have entered the part of the GALAXIES where all is now in Divine Order and occurring according to the Great Divine Plan that now transitions all into higher dimensional existence in the most appropriate ways in order to align all realities for the prosecution/execution/implementation of these next phases.... 

Now, the message is basically, to start to LOOK AROUND you and realize that you are ON Multi-Dimensional Galactic NEW Earth and while yes, there will be more ships, "first contact" means us here first. Until we can accomplish unity in the physical with all of us already here, then we cannot "expect" the Portals/Gateways to open fully for FULL CONTACT TO OCCUR for all. These have to be opened/accessed from INSIDE FIRST. As you start to TUNE your vision to SEE and release your old limits/judgments/fears/persecution/beliefs/stories/ego and come together, then your body is unable to hold the vibration for any further experiences to occur. GET YOUR ENTIRE VIBRATION UP.... as "time" is irrelevant. Time is a VIBRATION. You will experience as you achieve the vibration in order for this to BE your 'NEW' REALity here. ♥ 
Additional Reminders to that may assist:
  • It is not US that you fear, it is yourself, LOVE and the POWER that you hold access to from within.
  • It is YOU that you do not trust yet. As you establish a "new system" of trusting your own higher guidance, then this will dissolve and you won't betray you/compromise you/your soul any more.
  • WE are HERE to "meet you", as you "arrive" vibrationally and are ready to RETURN to a Unified Existence as PURE LOVE
  • Look "UP" then all around you. You have to WANT to see what was not visible in your mind before. Open your heart fully in order for full vision/access to be restored
  • WE are you and you are US.... fear us means you fear yourself. Highest Dimensional existence has nothing to fear. That is a lower vibrational/dimensional program that is cleansed when you are ready to accept yourself in your own entirety, without separation anymore.
  • All of this is as YOU agreed to, prior to incarnation/walking into a physical body vessel here
  • Every time we've "tested you", you've "failed", because you still hold fear/ego/separation within. You determine the outcome. Focus on your VIBRATION and UNITY Consciousness in order to RETURN to highest dimensional existence again.
  • These new Star-Light Codes now SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE COSMIC POWER to assist with shifting all into higher states of consciousness collectively
  • Human aspects do not hold respect for us, as they do not love and respect themselves. They "accept" LESSER realities because they still operate from a space of fear of the "unknown", because this is out of the ego-aspect's control
  • Think in "Materialization" and "particles" and vibrating in and out of every reality simultaneously, where the physical reality EXPERIENCED is the one that each holds the vibration for. The faster your cells spin and "shoot"/zoom/travel through your bodies
  • Look to the skies/stars, breathe all through you, go deep inside, see any old programs you have running and shift your vibration, then LOOK ALL AROUND YOU to SEE what you were not able/willing to see/accept/understand before
  • Feet on the Earth (Earthing), more "me" time in nature, nurturing, honoring & listening to your body as it releases old karmic imprints/programs so you can clear the need to experience this in your physical realities anymore. LOVE your planet and your earthly/planetary body that you inhabit. Respect it and it will support you in return. 
  • Come together and OFFER to contribute, to support instead of holding out for yourself. REVERSE the flow of ENERGY and open up any "blocked" walls/resistance areas you have inside for flow to be restored.
  • Let go of any Hidden agendas. Disclosure is your own. Secrecy is the old way. Open honest loving and often RAW communication is necessary to RESTORE BALANCE and HARMONY for unification and peace to occur. Allow yourself to be vulnerable for your greatest strengths to emerge. 
  • Judgment is your prison. Giving your power away is too. Take your power back and release all victim mentalities as you do. Validate yourself, recognize yourself, give yourself permission for the things that support your own SOUL. 
  • Choose and commit. Follow through. Recognize your ego-human-programs that you allow to stop you by believing them. Shift from your root chakra to your higher heart/mind chakra. Relax, play, let go.... then see what feels appropriate AFTER you've cleared the program, slept to clear timelines and integrate new encodements. Elevate and expand your consciousness beyond the physical so that higher alignment can occur easier for you!
  • Your human will want to try hard when you are to relax/stop trying/trust/be. Your human will want to give up when you are to push through a perceived obstacle (or find another way around as a part of your expansion of consciousness process). If flow stops, reverse the flow of energy, do the OPPOSITE of what your ego-mind wants. Open your heart further and further and further until the whole ego thing dissolves.
  • Intentionally shift into RECEPTIVE MODE to listen to your/higher guidance and be ready to do whatever you are shown/see/are guided, which may be very uncomfortable if you are running a strong human-ego program still. Once you "break" the strength of the ENERGY of the PROGRAM, it will be easier.
  • Conscious clearing: Cry, get angry, scream, shake your body as your new nervous system and neural pathways open up/re-wire completely. This is a continual process with continual acclimation to higher frequency bandwidths (lighter/no gravity, heavy density and the SPACE air here is breathably different, so your body has to constantly adapt until you are able to "live here" permanently on Galactic NEW Earth too!
  • Your body is releasing on a cellular/molecular level, sub-atomic level and merging that which floats in your own field. The CODES for all are in your FIELD. You must expand your consciousness to activate them and hold the NEW for them to embed into your body, which can be painful... When the geometrics of your cells are re-configuring and re-shaping your whole reality, your body will contort, stretch, breathe, expand, contract and more. Get interested in your evolution if you would like to participate and all to be easier for you too! 
  • When your heart is wide open, this is simple. When your heart closes it gets complicated again.
  • More CONTACT will come as you are truly ready and hold the vibration with ALL of YOU
I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Galactic Guardian/Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper IN FORM
Key-Code Holder & Intentional Activator/Catalyst providing access to the perceived unknown
We are all the Unified Council of Light when we unite in the physical here ♥