Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Round of Soft Disclosures For Planet Mars - December 6, 2017

A busy day for some Mars disclosures now appearing in the news cycles.  Three different stories relating to life on Mars have appeared today.

1.  Round Stone Sphere "Cannon Ball" Found On Mars via Curiosity Rover
2.  Steamy Atmosphere On Mars
3.  Earthworms can reproduce on Mars soil

Below is the article compilation of these trending stories about Mars.



Round Stone Sphere "Cannon Ball" Found On Mars via Curiosity Rover

Steamy Atmosphere Produced Clays on Mars, New Theory Suggests
Seeker 1h ago

Clay minerals on Mars may have formed in primordial steam bath
Phys.Org 2h ago

Earthworms can reproduce in Mars soil simulant - WUR
WUR Dec 4, 2017

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Another Cannon Ball Found On Mars, 100% Evidence Of Past War, Dec 2017, Video, UFO ...
UFO Sightings Daily 2h ago

NASA: 'Cannonball' spotted on Mars isn't what it seems
CNET 3h ago

Research on clay formation could have implications for how to search for life on Mars
The Conversation UK 2h ago

Mars' clay surface formed in an ancient high-pressure steam bath and NOT in surface water, scientists claim
Daily Mail 2h ago

Life on Mars BREAKTHROUGH as 'Martian earthworms born in Red Planet soil'
Daily Star 7h ago

A 'cannonball' on Mars has UFO hunters excited
AOL UK 8h ago

Cannonball Found on Mars, Proves Sign of Life, Martian War on Red Planet 12h ago