Saturday, December 16, 2017

#SPEAKPROJECT Intel Update from TANK - December 16, 2017

12/16/2017 8:22 AM


In case you haven't realized by now what we're doing here, we're trying to expose the entire story being told in the intel and distinguish what is real and what is psyops. More importantly, we're trying to demonstrate our discernment to see through the lies and force the Alliance to include us in the transition. 

If the psyops isn't working, there should be no reason for its continued application. The easiest way to include us is to invite us to exchange.

In addition, by standing together to work toward a common goal rather than bickering among ourselves about issues less important than our freedom, we demonstrate that we are awaking from the trance the Cabal has used to control us.

We have always been stronger than them, and outnumbered them, but our belief in their lies has held us captive for thousands of years. This excuse does not apply to those of us who are awake. We are liable for the enslavement of the whole human race if we have the power to change it and continue to do nothing. That applies to every one of you reading this, including the Alliance. 

For those of you concerned that we are exposing sensitive information and that this will hinder the process, I want to assure you that not only do we understand what and why we're doing this but we have also been directed to take this action by the highest level authorities with the intent of provoking action that will release us.

For those of you who think this is just a few restless crybabies whining because they want their money and thus believe we are creating a negative vibration that will have the opposite of the intended effect or no effect at all, I want you to consider the impact of its alternative: indifference.

To expect to be a leader and a creator of a new world and not be willing to stand up with the people when the Universe is crying out to us to take action is a crime against humanity.

In your heart you've longed to liberate yourself and didn't know how or what you could do. Instead you found a way to get comfortable in your cell so that you could cope with your situation.

But that is no longer a valid excuse. The door to the prison has been unlocked and all you have to do to leave is walk out. If you remain dormant, waiting in your bed for permission, then you deserve to be a slave, and the energy created from that inaction is a much lower frequency than that of all the prisoners banging their tin cups against the bars to garner enough notice to bring down the walls of the prison.

If you will just stand up with us, the prison can no longer hold us. Until then, you have decided to pass judgment and criticize rather than run the risk of either being judged or facing the criticism of being looked at as a fool. You have chosen indifference and mediocrity over gratitude for your gifts and the opportunity to activate their power.



The breakdown below is the intel from Gary Larrabee's webcast and the current status thereof based on various reliable and vetted sources (commentary in bold):

1. LARRABEE: Planners are trying to get this done if possible on or before Christmas.TANK: This is true and it "being done" includes our private exchanges being mostly completed, not just started.

2. They were trying to get 8 days for 800#s, even trying to move it up to two. This is true and, to clarify, "move it up two" means they were trying to get it done yesterday to have ten full days of exchanges before Christmas. The numbers had a set time for release last night that started at around 7PM EST last night and SHOULD have reached us already. Currently, all we've been told is that it's taking longer than expected.*

3. The main issue was to get the announcement of the active USN. It is legal, there is inventory (meaning gold) and it's waiting to be active International. Not applicable or necessary for our release.  The USN is active but not fully international. It will be announced on or around the 21st of December

4. We have to check to see if it is gold/asset backed was part of the delay. It is asset-backed and even the USD is backed by the USN. The real gold-backing for the world is in the ZIM bond notes we are holding. 

5. Trump does not want the USN to be out internationally. NOT True. Trump is and has been an advocate for our progress and his own legacy.
6. Trump still wants the Cabal to pay fines and penalties, which has been part of the delay since he wanted the banking system to pay for damages done. Yes, and he has stated this exact language in reference to Wells Fargo paying for their financial crimes to hinder this process. 

6. The Cabal was trying to stop or distract process. OBVIOUSLY, YES.

7. The Banking cartel found a glitch — that software and the problem has been eradicated. This is true. The LOOPHOLE CLOSED WEDNESDAY MORNING. Rumors are telling us that the Cabal was trying to take the 80% of held funds and use it to perform micro trades and build back up the wealth and power of the Cabal. Doesn't quite make sense to me because they told us that wouldn't be a thing all the way back in September.

8. They want to contain the Cabal from the Trump Camp as it's related to East Jerusalem being part of Palestine. This containment is FINISHED which is why Trump came out to announce the US embassy moving to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. More importantly, Netanyahu supported and complied with said action.

9. Until the safety team says its ok, we still wait. Safety team has SIGNED OFF.

10. The "Hercules System" is ok, but the system needs to be safe before we go. The system is Officially SAFE.

11. We know the Admiral's Core group has received funds for the first time in their accounts. That is a fact. The Admiral has even told them that their business together is done because he has released all control of their money to the designated accounts provided by the members. However, the banks themselves have not released these funds to the members even after holding them since Thursday morning. Either they are in shock or they are waiting for all of us to release at the same time. The Core has been told once again that they WILL BE LIQUID this morning.

When this Liquidity is a fact for the Core, our release should come out at the same time.  

We're also hearing that Galactics are helping the process.  This also concerns me because they have no human concept of time, space or money.




People are dying, in this dimension, where we currently live. And, in this place, life and death, time and space, slavery and freedom are ALL very important to who we are and what we create.

Our perception, belief, and reality act as powerful generators for the cosmic vision and experience of all beings in the Universe. This is why we are considered the most coveted asset in the world, because the creation is responding to our thoughts, words, and actions.

And finally, all of the controlling entities know that we are on the verge of exploding out of this current existence and that there are two ways out. 1. Either we are freed and able to create a peaceful new world of cooperation, beauty and kindness. 2. Or they don't release us and a catastrophic rebellion takes place as the world begins to fracture and implode on itself as the Sovereign People of Earth start to take their freedom back.  

Right now, we are using our words as our weapons to free ourselves. Thoughts become words and words become actions, which the Alliance understand better than we do. Our words will force action, either from our release or from the people themselves, who won't be able to take this enslavement any longer knowing that our release should be here now.

These are not threats, as the New Powers That Be well know. These are the results from previous creations and the foresight of their own remote viewing.  

The only place we can make the difference between life and death, poverty and prosperity, and love and hate is this exact moment in time. Every second we are not released, the tension builds toward another tragic failure.

You know that. Now, the people know that too.