Thursday, December 7, 2017

Steve Beckow Updates- Telling The Cabal To Stop & Who Are The Illuminati

Telling the Cabal to Stop – Part 2/2

The First Way We Can Contribute

The first way we can contribute is to remain calm ourselves.  Those carrying out the interdiction of the cabal want the general population to remain calm. Contributing to that, modelling it is how we can best help them.

Our channeled messages have been talking about self-mastery for years, reassuring us that we’re immortal (we survive death and so needn’t fear it), that all this will pass, and that we’re attended and assisted by spirit guides and masters. They’ve explained to us what would be happening – and now it is.

This is the time for people to show the degree of self-mastery that the messages have been discussing with us.

(Who am I to say that? I ask myself. No, it needs to be said.)

Our calmness amid the storm would be a solid contribution to the overall white-hat effort.

The Second Way

The second way we can contribute is to explain, to those who ask us, what’s happening, what’s going on right now … well, like I’m doing here, I guess.

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Who are the Illuminati?

In these Accountability and Reconciliation phases of Ascension, some people may for the first time be hearing about a group that has so far managed to operate largely in the shadows. Or people have ignored what they consider to be “conspiracy theories.”

By now, the reality of this group and their agenda is becoming better known. Let me offer an introduction to them here from the messages of Matthew Ward.

They call themselves the “Illuminati” or often the New World Order. They are called the “deep state” by whistleblowers and their investigators.
They’re very far from being illumined and many of their ranks scoff at God and worship Satan.  But the name stuck.

The group thought of themselves as “planetary controllers” and “masters of the universe.”  They planned to rid the world of 6.5 billion “useless eaters” in a World War III which they’d survive in underground bunkers (now destroyed). The remainder of humanity that survived would serve them as their slaves.

If they weren’t present, the Reval and NESARA might not be needed. These phases of Ascension are in large measure concerned with the planet’s emergence from their control.

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