Saturday, December 2, 2017

Today’s Energies and Experiences ~ December 2, 2017

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Hola, greetings, hello and how are ya’s to all of you~

Let’s dive right in!

The one big experience that is not lessening is the absolute need for silence. I almost feel autistic these days.  Too many distractions and I scream inside.

The ability to multi-task is pretty much gone.  This was very prevalent at the store today, while I was in line to pay for the food, a couple I know walked up to the same check-out line.  Apparently I first appeared to look confused.  When people are out of context, it takes me a moment to remember who they are.  I never had that experience until about a year ago and today it is quite strong.  They are local organic farmers and normally they deliver my produce so seeing her without a bag of greens and other yum’s perplexed me for a moment.  As we spoke, I was being asked to submit my payment.

I tried to talk with her and swipe my card.

I.  Could.  Not.  Do.  It.

Speaking was more fun so I made that my focus.  But I swear I looked at that damn bank 3d piece of equipment and did not know what to do with it.

Obviously since we still are told we have to pay for our food, I had to excuse myself from the convo so I could finish my business.

3D stuff me just no wanna do no more.

I am ready for what I have seen and felt since I was a bright-eyed idealist at 26 years of age:  a community, a system of pure freedom that included NO MONEY.  Everything is free – which is really what freedom is.  FREE FREE FREE ~ all aspects of Being.  Living.  Doing.  And those who resonate with this have the right consciousness frequencies where we no longer think to power over another by charging them for what we have to give and wish to share.  At the time I had no one to talk with about what I was seeing and feeling.  Today, not only are there others but we are creating it together, regardless of our physical location.

I was very free-floating today.  Forgetful.  Oh wow am I forgetful.  I have been saying for 3 days I will water our Ficus Plant.  Still not watered so as my mate just asked “has the ficus been watered yet?”  Uh, no.  It isn’t that I don’t want to.  It is seriously due to the fact that if I don’t “do” something at the moment it is thought of, it leaves my mind.  Truly being all but forced to live in the NOW.  I am ready.  Just need others to realize that while they are in their NOW space, I am too.

For a time my body ached and I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or go take a nap.   Exhaustion hit me hard about an hour after I woke up.  Last night, after 2 hours of sleep, I woke up – wide awake.  What’s interesting is prior to going to bed, I was suddenly wide awake, chatting away.  I had no audience as my mate and child were already in sleep mode, so I lay there thinking “who am I going to talk to?”  I almost felt what I could describe as panic.  The need to DO – something.  An intense need.  I tuned in and heard “breathe deeply – you need to rest your body”.  I questioned that.  My body was not telling me I needed to rest.  But I listened and did just 2 deep breaths and upon doing that, the sleep energy came over me HUGELY.  And I was out.

Kinda like a baby.  Go go go wide awake CRASH.

We are much like babies these days, aren’t we?  Lots of growth.  Change. Adjusting.  Intense need for sleep and rest and quiet.

And moments to just stare at a pretty shiny object when all of that “stuff out there” gets to be too much.

We got this!

Much love,



Thank you to all of your awesome support.  Your words of wisdom you share.  Your stories.  Your struggles.  Your music.  Artwork.  I love you all.