Monday, January 15, 2018

A Bedtime Story… by Victoria1111

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It was a beautiful, blackened-sky, starry night.  The sun, however, had other ideas.  The sun decided to come out to play.

She had carried so much grief for eons.  She had not only witnessed the fall and suffering of humanity, who had been held down for so long, controlled and manipulated by evil dark wizards who took the Beautiful Gift of Source Life Energy and used it for nefarious, ugly, dark purposes, she herself had experienced the pain of humanities sufferings.

She witnessed one reincarnation cycle after another of humanity’s blindness and forgetting of who/what they really are.  With each cycle, the spark within each Being began to glow again.  As it did, chaos ensued.  The Beings who played the role of the dark wizards amped up their game.

Living Sun, in cooperation with Source, decided enough was enough.  She sent the message to Source: “The time is now.  Use me to channel all of your Love to humanity.  They have carried the memories and grief long enough as have I.  Their desire to once again carry Home within is strong. Bathe me so that I may bathe each of these beautiful Being’s while they sleep.”

So it was decided at that moment that tonight was to be the night ~ the night of the release of Love for All.

As each beautiful, precious Being slept, Source, in all its Glory, emitted a massive pulse wave of Love through the cosmos.  It passed on to the Central Sun, who in turn amped it up further and bathed the earth realm in these high frequency energies.  Every being felt it.  Many woke up, confused at first.  Others awoke knowing what had happened.

All were touched… deeply.

People walked out of their homes, flooding the streets, wanting suddenly to connect with everyone around them.  Smiles were shared, even while mind’s struggled for many to grasp, to understand what had just transpired.

Tears flowed from the eyes of those who were already consciously aware of this event.  Some simply laid on the ground and wept.

All knew ~ a transformation had just taken place and nothing, no thing, would ever be the same again.  

And our Central Sun, oh she celebrated with us, quite grateful she had decided to come out and play.


My wish for all of us.

Good night beautiful Earth Beings.  Sleep well.