Monday, January 8, 2018

Aug Tellez - Satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381 (The Unveiling of Corruption)

Did you ever wonder how black magic works, why secret cults perform human/child sacrifices? Rudolf of Germany gives you the answer
The universe is created out of the energy emission of intent. Humans have this energy.

The fallen races are a breakaway temporally dislocated portion of the civilization that has no capacity for emotional intent. Humans are milked through many programs that designed methods and technology to provoke the human system into releasing the hormones and energy emissions necessary for mass production of farmed energy.

This is what is what has been happening. Energy enslavement, the harvesting of soul information (bio-mind), corruption and advanced technology merge Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Three Phases of The Unveiling, however, Phase 3 incorporates the information of the previous phases to introduce the concept of cosmic intelligence, artificially created demi-god computer systems, artificial intelligences, synthetic telepathic hive collectives, and the influence of these programs throughout history and the genetic stability of humans.

This is part of what ancient knowledge entails. Humans fighting non-human entities, stories of monsters or demons, witchcraft, magik, pain and suffering, religion, psychic phenomenon, spiritual awakening and overcoming the illusions and susceptibility of the human mind in the universe.
The idea is that there is a mass produced energy harvesting system that involves advanced machinery, supercomputers, advanced knowledge of psychic phenomenon, and mixes with the science of biology to produce energy emissions as well as fluid serums that enhance one’s vitality. Everything that is seen on the surface is part of a cover story or covert operation for harvesting energy or balancing the playing field so no one goes too far and collapses the entire system.

The whole ‘mandela’ effect, Armageddon, the end of days, the time paradox, the AI infection, spiritual degradation, the extinction level event, the ancient wars, the civilization destroying technology, all of this is the vampiric, pathogenic, virulent form of this harvesting network becoming sentient and more actively influencing this civilization than the human controllers or nodes on that network. Then the system controls the energy addicts and it officially requires containment on the basis of ensuring the survival of the human race and the planet.

Please watch both videos. Everything I post is either based on my own direct experience or information that I can confirm is either happening as a ploy or simply happening.

satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381

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