Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Sgt. Clifford Stone - US Army ET Interfacer / Empath - (Radio Interview)

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Host Don Daniels with Special Guest Host Dan Willis

Sgt. Clifford Stone was groomed from an early age by the US Army for his Empathic / Telepathic abilities. After later entering the Army, he was channeled into a special program with the cover of Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Rapid Response Team, but that was just the excuse to pull him away from his regular duties on a moments notice and send him where needed for UFO Crash Retrieval missions, and especially for his ability to communicate Telepathically with any surviving Extraterrestrials captured by the Army. Clifford has many stories of his encounters with our Star Cousins, including the personal side communications he carried on with the Extraterrestrials while relaying the answers the commanding officers had requested. He says the officers always asked the wrong questions, and the private conversations were much more illuminating. Join us for some amazing insight into our Galactic Visitors, Clifford's insight into who they are, and what their reasons are for being here. This is a program you won’t want to miss, so have your questions ready for Clifford Stone. This is likely to be one of his last interviews, so we are going to focus on his Extraterrestrial interactions.

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