Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jared Rand Intel Update via Pat - January 19, 2017

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"Jared Rand RV Info" by Pat - 1.19.18

Entry Submitted by Pat at 4:37 PM EST on January 19, 2018

I’ve listened to the recorded audios of the past 2 nights of Jared Rand on Dr WC show (total 6 hours of Rand). You can pull the recordings up on her website. I’ve been awake and pursuing different aspects of the awakening for 30 years. I’m also extremely cautious on believing others, and go by what resonates with me. For years, Kryon, seem to be the only message that always resonated with me. Now, after listening to Jared Rand for a few months, the man continues to say the right things. I like him.

A couple of RV points have come up in the past 2 days on his talks. There are several factions trying to control the RV. He states the Elders are one of 5 factions, along with a Dragon Family bloodline faction, a Rothschild faction, a Grandfather faction, and our good guys (White Hats) in the Pentagon that are running the US Republic faction. Our government is the new Republic, and I believe he said its location is Philadelphia. Our Republic Treasury, is not Mnuchin and the old regime in Washington DC. He stated our Treasury is now located in Nevada. He also stated the RV is on track, and due to release within days, not weeks. He said there is so much disinformation going on that it’s unbelievable, but then that gives cover for what’s truly happening with the RV?

He stated there is going to be the Event happen, simultaneously with the RV release. That Event is a powerful energy surge that will affect every human being. If you are a dark one, ultimately you won’t be able to last much longer here because the surge will increase vibrational frequency, and dark ones feed on low frequency. I’ve heard about this Event for at least 15 years now. It’s a energy wave from our central sun (not to be confused with the sun in our galaxy). He said we are on the fringes of this energy wave now, with the full impact just days away. From a separate source of mine, it is been projected to hit January 31st. This energy is positive and will awaken most people that are still asleep. It’s a divine energy from Source.

It could be true that NO ONE knows when the RV will trigger, because only Source knows the exact timing of the incoming wave of energy...only that its extremely close-days, not weeks. I remember years ago, being told that as we near the time of the Event and RV, that there will be orchestrated chaos. It will seem things will have gone completely crazy and off the charts, but to sit back and observe unaffected, because you can’t build a nice house on top of a bad foundation. Let divine order wash away the bad through the chaos, so those of us earth angels that have been waiting in the wings, can help earth rebirth into her new glory and higher vibrational frequency.

Let us all stand in the eye of the hurricane, watching things divinely unfold over these next few days. As the vibrational frequencies rise, the crazier those with low frequency will become. That’s how the Universe works...and so it is.

Let the RV begin...we are ready.