Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jared Rand Update - Upcoming Galactic Technologies To Be Released To The Public: MedBeds, Free Energy, Replicators
Grow Limbs, Age Reduction, Health

JANUARY 2018 1/3/2017 - Jared Rand - Upcoming Technologies Listen To Call

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AscensionWithEarth Perspective:  

These technologies can be used as a stepping stone to re-introduce humanity to the amazing power of our infinite and boundless natural abilities.  Please remember that technology like those mentioned on this call are still part of the holographic matrix.  Your true sovereign and spiritual soul can achieve the same results without technology. You exist beyond all matrices and mathematical constructs. You also do not need "light chambers" to "ascend", as everything you need to "ascend" is already a divine power within you!  External technologies are really just an extension of what our spiritual powers are capable of.  It is time to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty!