Friday, January 12, 2018

Leo Wanta Update from Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan - Wanta Funds Recovered!

Posted by Glenn Canady on January 10, 2018 at 7:00pm

Great news today in the Tom Heneghan, StewWebb Intel briefing!

Donald Trump mentioned the 4.5 Trillion (plus more) coming back to the US today!  It's part of the Wanta funds we've been telling you about for a long time!   Trump is bringing it back to the US to rebuild the country!  Here's some of the other topics covered.

Total Wanta funds are over $100 trillion!   It was stolen by the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas.  Now it's all coming out!

Trump was on Air Force One with Bob Corker!   Bob Corker who was part of a murder plot caught on tape!   Bob Corker was begging for a pardon according to intel sources!  Trump interrogated him the entire flight!   Corker was afraid of being arrested in Tennessee so he only went there with Trump and then got out of there fast!

Bob Corker is business partners with Governor Don Sundquist (TN) and Senator Sheldon Songstad (SD) who we have on tape plotting to KILL Leo Wanta!   Here's the link to the murder plot on tape that was also censored by Alex Jones after being informed by thousands of patriots!

Email me at when Alex ignores you after you email him at about censoring this murder plot and I'll give you something for showing me you are holding Alex accountable!  We can't win unless you hold Alex Jones and all other alternative media accountable for covering up for the deep state!  This is a REAL tape and the ONLY person who won't report on it is working for the bad guys!  Wake up!

Bill and Hillary now have been indicted in Nevada and DC courts!

Fake News lying every second every day.  Brian Ross (ABC) put out Fake News about Trump Russia to make money day trading for his group over there!

FBI used British Intel agent to spy on Trump!  This is Beyond Treason!

Oprah Winfree was a pimp for Weinstein.  She was involved with a satanic group as well as buddy buddy with Jeb Bush!

Here's why Alex Jones is FREAKING OUT right now!

First Alex Jones has been caught red handed lying about Leo Wanta for his masters!  You'll hear the lie in this video below.  The Wanta money is about to come back the USA and now Alex is caught lying for his masters who put Leo Wanta in a dungeon and stole OUR money!  Alex is caught in his biggest lie of all time now!  Email him at about it if you don't stand for lying "tip of the spears"!

And now this week super reliable source MegaAnon just outed Alex Jones as a blackmailed gatekeeper for the evil ones!  You got to read and share this one!  MegaAnon has never been wrong yet so if she's wrong here it would be the first time!

MegaAnon Drops Nuke On Alex Jones!