Monday, January 1, 2018

Special New Years Message from ZAP - January 1, 2017 "The Office of Poofness"

New Year Special Message in regular sentence case:

In answer to somebody that wanted to know the truth about what is going on right now, and how to discern what the truth is, I opted to give a quick message today of all days, and clarify what we all are capable of knowing deep inside us.

Down deep inside each of us, there is a kernel, a core, that knows the Truth when it is presented to us. So each of us knows the core truth of everything when we hear it or experience it. This kernel is a base point of reference against which everything is compared.

Anything that happens to us is an experience that can be verified pretty quickly whether it is based on Truth or not. If the experience resonates with the kernel inside us, another puzzle piece is in place. When a truth resonates with the kernel, that is an energy that flows to the right of us and sorta feels like a tingle.

If it does not resonate it remains neutral or tingles to the left if it is not the Truth.

That method, somewhat similar to the skin test, is the simple way of understanding the resonance of any given fact whether it is Truth or not.

That is the simplest way to discern the Truth when we hear it, or experience it. It just feels right.

Carrying this further, once we have enough (truthful) puzzle pieces of any given situation, we can make an informed decision and we depend on the Truth to make such decisions.

The decision can be made at any level above a 50 probability to the positive, but good business prudence dictates a higher probability approaching 1 before a decision is made.

In respect of the current global situation, right now we have a greater than, in my opinion, a 99 probability of the global change.

By extension, this means that 2018 will be a remarkable year where the conclusion of many efforts will culminate in the progression into prosperity through the evolution of our species.

This prosperity will be marked by great efforts to better each particular condition, sector and vertical thereof. All sectors that directly impact the progress of our Humanity towards the stars, will be explored and effected.

This is the actualization of a part of the Divine Plan we keep hearing about and a direct element thereof.

As we enter into 2018, we must be mindful of the lessons we have learned over the last years, and look deep into the lessons we were blessed with. Through the wisdom we have all gained through these trials, tribulations and other less wholesome situations, we have the basic knowledge base to start taking care of things that will develop us further.

Our physical development is comprised of the various sectors we know to be essential to progress like food, shelter, medical, support, power et al but how we implement each sector is really the platform of our current evolution. This is only half of the equation as our spiritual evolution has to be in lock step with our technological prowess. Our philosophy has to be caught up to handle the technology coming.

But we have the resources being released so that our development is finally fully enabled so we can breathe and get to the Work ahead of us all.

It is as inevitable as it is real.

Years of effort has gone into this endeavor on behalf of and for our Humanity, and this is what is expected starting 2018. Many attempts to get this done, major attempts starting in the 2000’s with significant years being 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, and so on met with failure for one reason or another. Mostly cabal roadblocks.

Now, the start of this global effort has arrived, and we can start thinking of the schedule of events that will happen now and the funds that will fuel the effort. Wire transfers will begin but understand that international transfer times take a few days at times.

Besides our effort, many other sister organizations meant to duplicate these global efforts will also begin. All efforts are part of the Divine Plan. Be joyful and happy that the guys and gals that have great interest in our continued development have sacrificed so much for all of us. Without that we would still be under the cabal thumb.

It is our duty if you will, to honor their sacrifice, and make this paradigm work.

What better way to turn things around and do really great and cool things to progress ourselves than to recognize the power of Love in all that we do. And have a blast doing so.

Even the nay sayers will sorta switch each to their ability to do so.

Much to do
Much work ahead
May the season of this giving
Be the change for all our soul
And let all Humanity reach that far reaching goal
Happy New Year and God Bless all here
Why we and this blue ball of our Mother are there
Joy and prosperity to you my brother and to you my sister
Give freely and for this Mother your self gift her
Be well be happy be good
Your brother as I should
Much Love and Light
Be happy tonight


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Love and Kisses,

'The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff