Thursday, January 18, 2018

TANK Intel Update - The Tomorrow Game According to Kim – #TIMESUP!

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“The Tomorrow Game According to Kim”
by Tank
January 18, 2019

I spoke to Kim this morning for a couple of hours and she educated me on a vast network of deceptive power struggles, advanced technologies, and shadow government banking systems. But there was one thing she shared with me that really stood out. Four years ago one of the Rothschilds told her that they would never let her bring money into the United States. Their agenda was to drain out all of the liquidity, the value of our country, and then buy it for pennies on the dollar.

The question you might have is how is such a thing possible? They stole the money from the banks in some cases and set up mirror accounts that make it look like there is money there when in fact there is nothing. Then they’d torture people like Ted Turner from CNN by promising him they’d give him access to his account but never actually do it. Sound familiar?

She mentioned something in the intelligence community known as the “tomorrow game.” I’m certain this part of the Psychological Operations designed to ensure that everything the people believe is a lie. When everything is a lie, there’s really no foundation to build from. As far as I can tell, the way the game works is that you set reasonable deadlines that are so close that one would be foolish not to wait before taking action. As the deadline approaches, you let people have a little more information so they feel like things are in process. As they wait patiently, believing the source that told them they were telling the truth, a problem usually occurs. A glitch in the computer system, an attack from the enemy, or a Muslim Holiday that everyone had forgotten about.

Then there’s a deafening silence as everyone thought they had reached their goal and they’re not sure what to do now that nothing has happened. Eventually the game starts back up and hope is restored. Everyone believes it was a normal course of events that forest fires were started with lasers from space, or the Galactics have now taken control. Everyone knows that it’s about to get serious when the Chinese Elders are furious. Although these characters are largely fictitious to the players in the game, it seems to provide comfort to know that they are not alone. Meanwhile, the Cabal laughs hysterically as nothing continues to happen and they plant seeds of doubt, division, and fear from various channels.

Amazingly, today I was contacted by a member of a well-known group that once again had been told they’d be liquid today. He and I had spoken earlier to see if Kim could provide a transaction code so that he could gain access to money that was visible in his account for months. He was going to wait because it was only a few more hours so he didn’t think he’d need a code from Kim. She thought we should at least speak with him to make him an offer.

Kim proceeded to speak with the gentleman and gave him an account number from which the funds would be drawn to make him liquid. She explained that the account she was using was the master account that was actually set up for Wells Fargo from the beginning. She gave him the transaction codes and made sure that he would take a portion of the money he received to help specific groups and individuals, and made him promise not to give any credit to the Rothschilds or the Elders. Contrary to popular belief that the Chinese Elders own Wells Fargo, Kim says she is the Trustee that holds the real assets. She said there is a Chinese woman who blocks her every time she uses the account, and is able to do so because all of the executives at Wells Fargo think that this other woman is the owner of Wells Fargo.

I made sure the gentleman’s name was on our class action suit and Kim gave us some legal advice as well. It is illegal to hold someone’s money if it is showing in the account without a valid reason, and providing a 30-day written notice. She said the fact that this man had seen the funds, which were over a hundred million dollars, made it illegal for them to continue to withhold these funds from their rightful owner. We made sure to add this to the lawsuit right away.

For obvious reasons, Wells Fargo and several people who have worked for them at the highest levels will have to be named in this suit. As a matter of fact, the dead man’s trigger protects this individual because he is part of the lawsuit. If his funds are frozen, or blocked for any reason, then the trigger is flipped and every global media outlet in the world is notified, as well as military armed forces all over the world, legal teams from all over the world, and actual trusted Government sources that would love to see the extensive written body of evidence against Wells Fargo that we already have in our possession.

I’m fascinated that there is still a delusional secret society of slanderous Dragon families that believe that their breeding makes them superior to the human race. That superiority gives them rights to do whatever they want to do without consideration for the collateral human losses.

This is a pivotal moment in the process. Wells Fargo can claim that Kim is a fraud, and try to justify freezing the transfer or the assets of the gentleman she gave the codes to. And if they do, it opens the door for them to have to prove that the account she used belongs to them instead of her. But I know for a fact that she has proof that the account belongs to her and they don’t. They run the risk of launching the biggest lawsuit and unlocking the funding of deeply covert operations where they funded wars, assassinations, and disease creation.

Here’s the reality of the situation: We get more evidence every day of the crimes you have committed against humanity for thousands of years. We have printed documents of transactions that I know were never supposed to be seen by someone like me. We know you won’t do the right thing without being encouraged to do so. Today, you can help one man get paid and dozens of veterans get help just by acknowledging the validity of that one account. And if you do, we’ll stand down. But our horses are in the gates ready to run at all times.