Friday, February 9, 2018

Disclosures in the Show ‘Travelers’ (Starseed Mission)

In my research so far I have found very few shows which depict the specific subject of the ‘Starseed Mission’ so accurately than in this show called ‘Travelers’. While browsing Netflix in the last few weeks I was ‘guided’ to take a peek at this show and was immediately captured by its beautiful and spot-on illustration of what it means to be a Starseed trying to complete their mission here on this planet right now.

Synopsis: The show follows a highly-trained team of people from the future who return to a moment in time in order to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring which would end up claiming millions of lives and ultimately prevent an extremely dim future for humanity. They realize that they are not alone as there are many ‘Travelers’ in very high positions in government – CIA, FBI, NSA and others that are working to create a better future for humanity. This show, like many others, depicts a literal covert/overt war on the surface of the planet between positive and negative forces.
  • Entering the Host Body (Incarnation/Starseed Activation)
The Travelers enter into a body of someone who they know historically is about to die. The take over is a bit violent as the person’s consciousness who is about to leave their body is replaced with the incoming Traveler’s consciousness, allowing them to inhabit the body and begin their mission(s). On many occasions a group, sometimes small or large, of Travelers would take over the bodies of people who were about to die from a bus crash, car crash or mass suicide.

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