Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Event “Our Graduation” by FIFTY8Magazine

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This wave of energy is not a “one" time event.  The Event is happening in this NOW Moment.  Light is information.  There is information about to burst into the mainstream. Ranging from first contact, mass arrests, future technology and much more. There is much fear and chaos coming to the surface for many people.  Changing jobs, moving, ending relationships etc.  Things are happening on a Soul level and forcing ourselves to ask, “What makes me happy?”

But rather than an all encompassing energetic event, it is much more than that. It will also signal our graduation of spiritual development and evolution.  So instead of waiting for the next juicy Intel or guru to give us what we want to hear, we must take the last steps to our graduation.  Speak your truth.  Share your heart. Transmute your fears to the light and fill it with unconditional love - The Energy that will become “your wave, your event.”  Because we’ve already Ascended.  We’ve already shifted.  But it is in this NOW moment that will determine your “Event."

Create your own shift and graduate!  This is our time to use all the skills and knowledge we’ve accumulated and do something with it.  Create Action!  Create movement with this energy!  Open up, flow, release all that doesn’t serve you to the highest good and spread love like a virus.  The more and more we continue to do this and the more and more we see the light in every situation with grace and excitied expectation the closer we come to our Graduation! 

I am very proud of my class of graduates!  We have come so far in such little “time.”  We are in a completely different reality than even last year and it’s only going to expand even more rapidly.  Empower yourself and release the fear.  That is the only thing holding us back from Graduating!  I’ll see you all there and can’t wait to share this seat with all of you!

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