Sunday, April 15, 2018

#Pedogate Updates & Breaking News - Hillary Clinton Pedogate Tape Found, Liz Croken Updates, #Pedovore via SGTReport


As President Trump's war against human trafficking shifts into high gear, the CEO of has been arrested and his website shut down. Q has repeatedly said, these people are 'PURE EVIL'. I wanted to take this opportunity to illustrate that "these people" includes the most powerful people on earth - and the atrocities they have committed FOR DECADES are so hellish in nature that if it was not all documented, it would be too hard to believe. The horror described in this mirco-documentary is systemic - and global. And the thing they fear most is... the public awakening.


Breaking: Clinton-Abedin PedoGate Video Found On Dark Web

A video featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in sex acts with an underage girl is now available on the dark web. The NYPD claims the video made seasoned police officers cry and is the “Rosetta Stone” of information connecting senior politicians, such as Clinton, to an elite pedophile ring. David Zublick takes you from the halls of power in Washington to the gates of Hell in this special report!


Liz Crokin Update - LizCrokin April15 Update

I discuss:
- Hillary attending a LITERAL witches coven.
- Backpage
- The HRC video


Liz Crokin Update - LizAprilShowersUpdate

I break down the latest news revolving around sex trafficking, Pizzagate and Pedogate. Backpage has been taken down for sex trafficking, President Trump signed a bill to punish sites that enable and foster sex trafficking -- are you paying attention FaceBook, Insta ant Twitter? -- and Q Anon drops MOABS on convicted pedophile & Clinton BFF Jeffrey Epstein and his private island where kids have been raped, tortured and sacrificed.