Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Update:  Louisa and Jim talk about the DNC Server Leaked Contents:  Watch here ......

The following post was captured by The Gold Fish Report.  I only found two links that had posted this information earlier.


Apparently the original source was a person named George M Nasif, and had posted this on his Facebook page, and was posted to Reddit before being deleted by moderators.  Could be a fake, as Q has mentioned that no outside communication would take place.  What are your thoughts after reading this post?

A very brief explanation of what’s going down this week. My profile is private but the post is public Please hit SHARE to share this post and all document photos. 
1. Q and Trump have received the contents of my server which includes the following: 
A. Entire DNC Server – Far more than exposed by “Gucifer2.0” 
B. Entire HRC Email Server including deleted emails 64,000 total  
C. Entire Obama, Podesta, Biden,FBI, CIA, Email servers and attachment files. over one million files total. 
D., Hillary, Wiener, Email servers with attachments 
E. Pizza gate files, including video, photos, and correspondence. 
F.Entire file on Uranium One including Russian Side 
G. A Total of 3 Terrabytes, and over 2 million documents. 
H. Every donation to the Clinton foundation 
I. Every donation to the DNC, 
J. Obama’s offshore bank accounts 
K. Clinton offshore Bank accounts 
L. McCain Bank accounts 
M. Every name, address, phone number , credit card payment of SOROS employee donations to DNC, RNC, yes republicans Soros bought off , Anti-fa, Clinton Foundation, 
N. Donations to Clinton Campaign from (19) illegal Foreign countries. Nineteen counts of campaign fraud here. 
O. Complete Clinton body count over 30 years. 
P. Classified EmailsQ Benghazi, Yemen and Syria war plans between HRC< Podesta, Obama, Qatar Rebels/AlQaeda. 
Sorry,, I have to stop at QQQQQQQQQQ
Continue at for screen shots of some of the files said to be part of the DNC Server leak.