Saturday, July 14, 2018

Mr. Ed's Intel Update via Email - "Intel Compilation" - July 14, 2018

Received via email from Mr. Ed.....

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Intel Compilation" 7/14/18

The Deep State are trying any way they can to discredit / eliminate Trump.

Trump was asked to run in 2013 by the military to stamp out the monsters in D.C.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated our parents gold and silver. (the Great Depression of 1929 was a False Flag)

"Delano" was a Chinese Drug Lord in charge of the Territorial United States heroin and opium trade in China.

The Rothschilds are taking out insurance policies on key employees and killing them to collect. (so far 2000 have died suspiciously)

Russia is telling its people about the extraterrestrials.

66% of Russians believe in a shadow government that runs things and it is real. (most Americans are clueless)

Under the new Quantum Financial System, monies are being transferred in a 24 hour time frame instead of 5 days.

It has proven to be unhackable by the cabal banksters.

Credit card theft is been put to bed.

Microsoft used stolen money to get started. (Gate's future is iffy)

Arizona has given out free energy devices already.

Quantum Computers will be coming which are far superior to our present systems which will become obsolete.

Trump and Putin are meeting to accept the surrender of the Queen and Dracos.

Coffee Beans and Chocolate will not grow on any other planet except earth.

There are around 200 million races in the universe.

Here are the ones that are here on earth:

  • Andromedans - 17,000

  • Atlanteans - not known

  • Ant people - not known

  • Elephant people - 27,000

  • Lyrans - 66,000

  • Myans - 10,000

  • P Talls - 5,000

Presently alien teams are rooting out underground aliens mostly in the western U.S.

By this fall much will be uncovered.

The Jet Blue incident (at JFK a few weeks ago) was an attempt by the deep state to hijack that flight and create another 911 type incident. (the secret service had figured all of this out and the incident was averted)

A new electrical transfer system is coming to every home so no more cords to any appliance as it will work similar to WIFI. (wireless)

The Deep State has contractors accepting weak and flawed airplane parts for commercial and military equipment (procured as far back as the 1990's) and slipped into the construction and repair segments of our economy to create an incident to get WW3 started by blaming another nation.

General Kelly led a task force that discovered that the White House and Air Force One had been compromised.

That is why there was an overhaul of the White House and all commercial and military aircraft in 2017.

Unfortunately some planes slipped through and crashes since then have been occurring.

The snake at the top of this is Mr. Rosenstein who is in the cross hairs of congressional committees.

Hilton Hotels have been laundering money for the cabal. (which is ending)

Paris Hilton's rise to fame after contributing nothing of value to the country was no accident. (same as the Kardashians)

The corrupted New York Times is in the cross hairs of the alliance.

Rockefeller thanked NY Times (and other media) for not divulging the cabal's plans of conquest of America.

General Alexander Haig wrote the 911 attack plan.

The Rothschilds hired SERCO to kill and wager false flag events.

Lockheed Martin and Ace Elevator were involved in the explosions of 911.

Bill Clinton had General John Shalikashvili transfer all of America's weapons programs to China in 1997.

The DOD stated that it will not allow a civil war in america.

Galactics have neutralized all nukes on earth. (years ago)

Arrests of high cabal is averaging 1000 + per week.

The Rothschilds are hiding underground at their Switzerland castle. (the Chinese want their stolen gold back or else)

Sealed indictments at 40,000 growing to 81,000 later this year.

IRS will be forced to return monies taken from Americans through their phony tax system and paid to the queen and Fed officials.

Lloyds of London makes $5M on your death. (via your "Birth Certificate") (the hospital gets $1M of that)

Doctors get $500,000 per Chemo Patient. (remember cancer is man made)

Big Pharma also cashes in on individual deaths. (They hold a $1M insurance policy on every American)

The Fires in Arizona are from underground bases being taken out.

Stay away from Dust Devils as the ones with 'large bases' are Portals. (you could wind up in another world)

Many Pleiadians are now coming to earth.

Jacob Rothschild...David Rockefeller...George Soros...Zig Brzezinski and Bill Gates are dead. (so are Hillary and Bill but they are cloned)

The FBI, CIA and DOJ are now thoroughly cleansed.

Mueller has actually been working for the good guys. (his father was a 3rd Reich Nazi under Hitler)

NATO will be disbanded and replaced by a 'World Protection Force' composed of U.S. / EU / Russia / China / North Korea.

Planetary extinction of over 2000 species and types will be halted along with the deforestation, mining and pollution of our planet.

The aquatic extraterrestrials have been cleaning up our oceans for us.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) will be purified.

The 'drug cartels' in Mexico are being ended.

Alphabet Agencies to be terminated:


It has taken 39 years to identify and correct the Cabal problem in America. (Europe is next)

International Bounty Hunters will work the rest of the planet and earn millions hunting down rogue and corrupted individuals.

Currently there are 230,000 nationwide arrest warrants, 35,000 sealed Indictments, and 25,000 asset freezes and seizures.

Future bank interest rates will be at zero or possibly 1%.

The IRS funneled $780 Billion to the Rothschilds last year who are now admitting that they have lost control of the world financial system.

The main CIA Headquarters is in Switzerland and not Langley Virginia.

All 'Off World Trade' has been stopped.

Oil will be worthless in a few years because of coming new technologies. (it is not a fossil fuel)

The deserts and Grand Canyon were created by weapons of the past which were very sophisticated.

This relates to the 13,000 year 'Cycle' that are planned by the Dracos whereby civilizations evolve and get destroyed.

We are at the end of the 6th 'Cycle' (and were to be destroyed) by that will not happen this time. (the loop system has lasted 78,000 years)

Nancy Pelosis' Dad was a Baltimore mob boss and Hillarys' dad took over after Al Capone was dethroned.

'Tranny' Valerie Jarrett was assistant chief of staff for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley years ago, and Obama and Michele were under her and ran human trafficking.

Neil Diamond was arrested for pedophilia and the making of porn and snuff films. (just one example of why we have sealed indictments)