Monday, November 14, 2011

Greg Giles - Why Some Lightworkers will Ascend Before December 2012

Why Some Lightworkers will Ascend Before December 2012

A number of readers to a recent article I posted have expressed concern that a number of Lightworkers would be ascending before the mass ascension of humanity and their host planet Gaia. These concerns are based on the belief that these ‘departing’ souls would be forsaking their Lightworker duties for the easy life on a beautiful Neptunian beach, or returning to their home worlds for a blissful family reunion. (We will, but that comes later.) Although it is true that many Lightworkers are tasked with the important role of remaining on Earth to anchor the 5th dimensional ascension frequencies, as well as other vital tasks, there are also a number of Lightworkers whose services are called for from the 5th dimensional side of the divine plan. You see, although a great many ascended beings from the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Realms are working tirelessly to support humanity’s ascension, they are not doing all the work for us. It is our ascension after all, and it is up to us to perform every aspect of this process that we can possibly accomplish ourselves. Keeping the dark cabal and their advanced weaponry at bay during these important times, as well as other critical matters including the stabilization of our planet, are some of the tasks better handled by Galactic Federation forces and the Ascended Masters. There are, however, those tasks that can be accomplished by incarnate Lightworkers, such as preparing 5th dimensional Earth for the anticipated arrival of our fellow human family members, as well as acting as Gatekeepers of the ascension portals, that  are better carried out from a 5th dimensional vantage point. Many of the Lightworkers scheduled to ascend before the mass ascension of humanity may also return to 3D Earth as diplomats and liaison team members, posts that many have previously trained for before their current incarnation, and final preparations for these assignments would be most called for.  
Although there will be members of our human family departing 3D Earth before the culmination of humanity’s ascension, you can be sure they are ascending to continue their service to humanity and are fulfilling all of their Lightworker responsibilities from beyond the veil, as our ascension is our job, and we must complete all the tasks we are capable of. 


  1. so, all those who are dying are starseed workers and have ascended??????need to know, extremely confused and remain unguided....

  2. Hi molly,

    I will comment but remember it is my opinion only.

    First off the information I post is from other people and I only share the information so you can come to your own conclusion of what is taking place behind the scenes. I also recommend to use caution and discernment with any postings that claim to be associated with the Galactic Federation of Light and other channelings.

    When I read these posts I never take it as complete Truth.

    There is also a major campaign to make people sound like they are part of an exclusive club called light workers or starseeds. It is my understanding and my Truth that every person on earth is a lightworker and starseed. We are all made of Light and we all have had past lives on earth and many other planets. That makes you and me a Light worker and a starseed!

    All those people that die in the earth changes and at any point in time, was per-determined! Before we enter a light body, we co-create our life path to learn lessons and wisdom to help us move forward in our soul journey. Our soul journey is an eternal creation that lasts forever. We dont die, we live. We are immortal beings.

    Please understand that you are a brave soul who decided to enter the 3D earthly realm to obtain a lot of soul wisdom. Everyone on earth throughout time are courageous beings. We are also very old souls and have made our way from the highest dimensions of this Universe to the lowest dimensions. Now is our time to rise back up via the Ascension process.

    The Ascension process is your co-creation and is different experience for each person. Most people get deceived into believing that humanity is a young soul group. That humanity has to work its way slowly up the dimensional levels of reality to get back in touch with God. This is false!

    We are one of the oldest soul groups that have chosen to experience all levels of reality within this Universe. Now we get to graduate and merge back with our Higher Self.

    Ascension is for all of Humanity and not a select group of people. Hope my commentary helps and please understand this is coming from my Truth and may not necessarily be right for you. All I can say is the Truth is within you and will shine and become clear to you at the right moment in time. e~