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Suzy Ward on Obama and Roswell Crash Survivor

 Cool information about the ETs from the Roswell Crash from Suzy Ward. Suzy Ward channels messages from her dead son Matthew Ward. e~


Suzy Ward on Obama and Roswell Crash Survivor

2011 November 8
Posted by Steve Beckow

Suzy Ward just wrote commenting on the open letter to Obama. In the course of her email, she said:

“If you saw Matthew’s last message, you know that Obama is totally aware of the presence of ETs.  He can’t announce this because of the ‘power bloc,’ but it’s also ET advice to wait a bit longer so those on the planet can continue to dismantle the Illuminati anonymously.” (1)

But she also enclosed a letter she wrote to Ann Miller, editor of The Star Beacon, published in the November issue, which is very interesting. It concerns the aide to General Nathan Twining, present at the Roswell crash and its aftermath, confessing to the reality of the crash and discussing the fate of one of the galactics who survived it.  Myself, I find these details incredible.

Dear Ann,

Reading James Parson’s interesting story in The Star Beacon September issue reminded me of what I was told about General Nathan Twining’s Roswell experience.

About 20 years ago Bob and I bought acreage on a mesa south of Albuquerque that Nathan Twining, Jr. was developing.  I never met him, but he called a couple of times, and both he and his friend, whom we did meet, related the following story. The quotations are my paraphrasing, but very close to what they said—their information was too memorable to forget!

It was Nathan’s bedtime, and he and his father were talking about what they were going to do the next day, Nathan’s birthday (he was going to be 5 or 6, as I recall—anyway, very young).  But his father wasn’t home the next morning, and when he came back, he told Nathan, “I know you won’t understand this, but I was home on your birthday. I’ve been here all the time, I never went away.” Nathan told me that’s how he remembered his father drilling into him how important it was that if anyone asked, they had celebrated as planned ON his birthday.

Many years later, after his father died, the man who had been his aide told Nathan what had happened.  He said that everyone who knew about it was threatened with a dire end if they ever spoke about it, but he wanted Nathan to know the truth. “I’m a sick old man. What are they going to do to me now?”

Later the night before Nathan’s birthday, the aide had picked up General Twining at the family home in Baltimore and they flew to the crash site near Roswell.  They learned that two of the four-person crew were dead when people who lived nearby found the crash scene, and a third died shortly before the general and his aide arrived.

The surviving crew member wasn’t seriously injured, and they flew him to the nearest AF hospital. The general supported him as they walked up the hospital steps and they communicated telepathically.  Soon afterwards, the general, his aide and “EB” (Extraterrestrial Being) were flown to Wright-Patterson AF, and four days after he left, the general was back home—that’s when he told Nathan the story about his birthday. The entire hospital staff was transferred the day after EB was taken there.

A footnote to this is, after my telepathic connection with Matthew opened in 1994, one of the fascinating ETs I talked with told me about EB.  Physically he was all right, staying healthy by eating vegetable juices, but he died of a broken heart after about two years in captivity.
Suzy Ward


(1) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Nov. 8, 2011.