Sunday, December 4, 2011

Greg Giles: Who are the Galactic Federation's Earth Allies?

Who are the Galactic Federation's Earth Allies?

As has been discussed many times, the massive Galactic Federation fleet currently surrounding 3D Earth is here to assist humanity in the most important days of our planet’s long history, our ascension into a higher dimensional existence. Tasks better suited for an armada of millions of lightships include keeping the dark workers at bay, helping stabilize Earth’s tectonic plates, eradicating the affects of chemtrail spraying, as well as many other vital assignments. What the GF is not doing, however, is performing tasks their human Earth allies are capable of. These projects are our responsibility to complete, and many dedicated and courageous members of the human race are working tirelessly to defeat the dark cabal and help restore our planet to the utopia it once was. So who are these Earth allies?
The list of earthbound allies grows considerably on a daily basis as the call to the light is being heeded by the awakening ones, and estimates are already in the millions. Men and woman throughout worldwide governmental agencies, the Pentagon, the CIA, as well as other alphabet agencies, military units within US, Chinese, Indian, Russian, Brazilian and other worldwide forces, members of Japanese organized crime families such as Yakuza and Yamaguchi-Gumi who have now vowed to help defeat the dark, members of several different secret societies of light and even members of dark secret societies who have recently defected, as well as many members of the private business sector have aligned to make a stand against the soon- to- be unemployed Earth rulers.
Lightworkers are not necessarily members of the Earth Allies, as Lightworkers are in fact ground crew members of the Galactic Federation, although many Lightworkers have ‘enlisted’ within divisions of the Earth Allies.
There is yet another group that, although certainly considered essential members of the Earth Allies, deserve distinct recognition and a dedicated introduction.
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‘Who are Humanity’s Long Lost Cousins?’