Tuesday, February 14, 2012

John Kettler: China Sides With Iran–ETs/EDs Issue Warning!

China Sides With Iran–ETs/EDs Issue Warning!

China.svg  300x300 China Sides With Iran  ETs/EDs Issue Warning!
China--Iran's Powerful New Ally

China Formally Warns U.S.; ETs/EDs  Issue Their Own To U.S.

China on Monday delivered a formal warning today to the United States that an attack on Iran by Israel, the U.S., or both would bring China into the war on the side of Iran. Iran already has such public backing from Russia. China‘s joining with Iran could be deemed either escalatory or deterring, depending on how it’s viewed.

As if the above weren’t enough to cause sharply indrawn breath, the second contingent of ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) issued a blunt warning: “Don’t provoke China!” This was followed with as yet unconfirmed reports that China has troops in Canada and Mexico. In conjunction with the 20 probably operational North Korean  Masudan Mod 1s near Maracaibo, Venezuela and under control of Hugo Chavez, this situation could become dire indeed. The scenario could be missile strike, followed by ground attack from both the north and the south of the U.S., if Iran is attacked.

China–Troops On Our Borders? Where?

According to the ETs/EDs, “We are surrounded.” Asked for clarification, the answer was shocking: China has troops on the U.S. border in both Canada and Mexico. Based on multiple terrestrial sightings by operatives for the ETs/EDs and friends of theirs, both in Canada and Mexico, China has troops in or near the following places: Canada (near Montreal, Quebec Province; near Ottawa and Ontario, Ontario Province); Mexico (near Guadalajara; opposite Brownsville, Texas near Matamoros; opposite Laredo, Texas at Nuevo Laredo). Additionally, it was indicated that China has some arrangement with Mexico and that bases and airfields are being built there. This China situation, though frankly disbelieved by the U.S. Intelligence Community, is being investigated.

China–Too Close & Our Cupboard’s Empty

If the above reports are true, the U.S. faces an unprecedented military situation. Essentially, it’s in a replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis (from Venezuela, paid for by Iran) while simultaneously facing the prospect of China’s invading the U.S from two widely separated fronts. Opposing this reported modern, mechanized horde from China are small quantities of worn out National Guard, some airpower and whatever black program nastiness the U.S. has squirreled away for extreme emergencies. By any rational criteria, the situation is grave. The ETs/EDs remind all parties that whoever initiates aggression will reap the whirlwind from on high. This includes China.