Friday, March 16, 2012



The last sentence of our last update said IF IF IF the bad guys (Obama/Jinping et al) ‘do as agreed’, etc. etc. etc.. They are not doing as agreed.

News arriving this morning from way way over yonder where it is now night time says Jinping and Obama are continuing to do all possible to delay everything indefinitely. There are several ‘agendas’ involved, most of them belong to Obama, some to the ‘Families’ and some to the Chi-Coms. Most importantly to these ‘First Rail’ players, they want everything stopped until after his re-election PLUS they are demanding huge participation and ‘total control’ of things when they do happen. The ‘good guys’ are saying (my words here), ‘which part of NO do you not understand’?

None of this is new, the news is that this is ongoing when it was supposed to have ended last week. It appears to us that Jinping is ‘getting his orders’ from Obama. WE cannot say yea or nay to the possibility that as a member of the Politburo he has Vatican Bank Accounts. It could be that he simply wants credit for it which could not happen until he replaces Jintao later this year. Paying bribes to everyone everywhere precedes Obama but as the most recent head of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES he is simply following through with previous policy. Once again, as so many times before, WE are informed that Obama is the primary obstacle to deliveries and funding’s.

Our Intel is now once again diverging from that of the other messengers who are expecting deliveries momentarily. Our sources say no, they will not risk disbursements until Jinping and Obama are overcome and WE did receive words of encouragement that will happen. Who knows what Obama or any head of the Corporation is capable of as they/he operates under ‘Emergency Powers’ allowing them Dictatorial Control of the U.S. which you can readily observe them doing whether Bush, Obama or Clinton. Three snakes in a bag with ‘Self Preservation’ far exceeding ‘the good of the country’.

There is nothing new here, WE have been reporting essentially this same thing for all of Obama’s Presidency and if you would spend the time necessary to look it up (Fourwinds Archives) you would find that we said the same things about Clinton and Bush as they acted out their roles as heads of the Corporation, to stop deliveries at all cost for the same reasons we have reported a thousand times, to preserve their Fraudulent Financial Playpen, to avoid exposure of their many Criminal Activities and to stop any proposed replacement of the Fed Res/Fiat Monetary System which allows them to literally purchase and control the Western World and much of the Eastern World as well, with their ‘thin air funny money’.

As previously reported many messengers believe in the imminent delivery of funds unrelated to the above pissing matches. Let us hope they are right ‘this time’.

Casper news 3-15-12