Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I find it interesting that Casper is hinting that he is agreeing with the "positive" intel ususually given by Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Poofness, and John MacHaffie. Casper also mentions that he follows the intel given by the extraterrestrial group known as the Galactic Federation of Light. He seems dumbfounded as to why the GFL does not report on Obama as being a Dark Cabal agent. I only posted a snip of the Casper Opinion. Those who want to read the entire article should go to this link......

Speaking of the ‘Spiritually Oriented” messengers (Giles, Nidle, GFL, Ashtar, SaLuSa, Christ Michael and others), and their messages, you have likely noticed that the quantity has increased substantially lately. Very substantially. If you read all of them as I do you have also observed their request in virtually every message recently that we help to educate others more directly and purposefully than ever before. I would like to do this and to some extent I guess I am doing this just by raising the subject in recent updates. I am hesitant to go ‘all in’, I cannot go ‘all in’, because of their support for Obama. This is a serious matter. The future of our Country and my grandchildren are at stake. Obama has blocked progress and deliveries since he arrived on the scene. He is destroying the Constitution as quickly as possible. He is the head of the unconstitutional Corporation of the United States. He is borrowing and wasting TRILLIONS of dollars, some 5 TRILLION already. WE have reported to you, as have others, the many dozens of things and times he has personally delayed the funding’s and deliveries. A week ago WE reported to you that Obama was making a deal with Jinping to block all fundings and deliveries until after he is re-elected and Jinping is promoted. He said he would not allow anything to interfere with his reelection. With funding comes exposure, a return to the Constitution, the demise of the Corporation. Obama is committed to stopping this at all cost and has been delaying it for three years now. How is it that the E.T’s don’t know this? What does it say if they do know? Why will they not make any attempt to explain his several Treasonous/Unconstitutional acts such as Bank Accounts you know where. Last week WE said ‘we are hearing’ Obama/Jinping making a deal to block all till after he is reelected. WE now have this CONFIRMED from sources abroad. A deal was made. It won’t stand, it will be overcome we hear but I ask you, and I again ask the GFL and its various messengers, how can you support verbally and/or otherwise he who is attempting every trick in the book to stop the deliveries and all funding’s? Unless someone somewhere is willing to explain these Obama issues I will not be going ‘all in’. The explanation to date has been “Are you going to believe us or those lying eyes of yours”. Friends, are YOU satisfied with this? GFL, Obama is a Con Artist extraordinaire. Is it possible you are being ‘foxed’ out of your britches?

· After finishing the above paragraph I checked my in box and guess what, there is a letter from Mr. Bellringer (Fourwinds) this morning dealing with this very subject, c.c. to Hobie. Please read his letter on either web-site while the above paragraph is fresh on your mind. Someone please invite brother Wilcock to throw his two cents into this pot. ‘Trust but Verify’ said Reagan. The GFL and others are calling for Trust and Faith right now and I am inclined to give that and more but this Obama Business is scary and must be explained. WE don’t get our Intel from the newspaper or ‘the grapevine’. WE and our sources pegged Obama as a Con Artist 3 years ago and all that has happened since confirms our original observations over and over again.

· On the Business Front, for the first time in a long time our Intel is similar to what others are saying. Good things are possible/likely right away IF IF IF the bad guys do what they agreed to do in all those high powered meetings in China last week. Their ‘word’ is no good no more or ever again. Action is required.

Casper opinion 3-13-12