Friday, March 9, 2012



WE are often surprised how different our Intel is from most other messengers. The differences are rather constant nowadays, not just once in a while.

For example, a flurry of posted Intel said Jin Ping went to Iraq after leaving the west coast. Ours says Germany then China, no stop in Iraq.

A flurry of postings point out the sabotage by Gates as if this is a recent discovery. WE were reporting this to you two years ago including his ‘hacker squads’ attempting to access our funds and his ‘throwing in’ with the bad guys. WE discussed the threats being used to ‘recruit’ him such as Gov’t threats  of Microsoft having a Monopoly and the threat to break up the company. Also, the threats from China to not allow Microsoft to sell there.

Geithner arrested said many. No, questioned we are informed, about something having nothing to do with ‘us’. Bush threatened Obama and his family? No, they have a very very close relationship our sources say.

Blackheath murdered? Not according to our European Sources.

A shooting at the White House yesterday? Not true say our W.H. sources.

 Hundreds of bankers arrested? Our banking contacts here and in Europe are in the dark, can not verify.  ‘

Bush Senior and Gates arrested last week’?  Not so say our sources.

Someone big ‘taking Treasury down’ yesterday (which would have to mean the Corporations Treasury)? Not according to our Treasury contacts, nothing unusual at all internally. WE have been on several ‘wild goose chases’ lately attempting to verify various posted messages without success.

‘On the other hand’  WE have substantial Intel no one else is reporting. For example, we hear Obama, the Fed, D.C. in general and a variety of Obama allies in China are continuing to stall deliveries and funding’s and many of the meetings are quite intense, ‘fights’ actually.

 WE hear Obama continues to say he will not allow the funding’s or anything else to disturb his re-election bid. Our news regarding Obama’s sabotage never varies and yet other messengers sing his praises, make up excuses for his obviously corrupt behavior and offer up excuses such as ‘family threatened’ while all our sources say that is all nonsense, nothing but excuses to cover his never ending attempts to kill the funding’s if possible and short of that, to demand a huge percentage for himself and short of that, to delay them until after he gets re-elected. WE do not have enough fingers and toes to count the number of sources who, over time, as reported at the time, say Obama is and has been the single greatest cause of delay even when something ‘peripheral’ such as recent sabotage at the New York Fed appears to be the cause, it is actually Obama running the Sabotage along with the Bushes and Clintons. As this has been the gist of our Intel for three years running and from dozens of unrelated sources here and abroad WE cannot phantom why others have different Intel?

*This just in from China.

Enormous fights underway over there as I type this having to do with Attempts To Delay and also ‘who gets what’ and ‘who controls what’.

Remember, much of the Politburo given Vatican Bank Accounts. Also remember last week’s report, ARRANGEMENTS being made Obama & China. One of the many ‘arrangements’ is for the American People to be financially RAPED so debt can be repaid with Devalued Dollars.     Families Fighting with each other as well as with the Chi-Coms.

One area in which WE do agree with the reporting of others is that Obama does not personally have the power to ‘kill’ the new or the attendant funding. He does have the power to delay things and that is what he has been doing all along, not just recently. WE find it troubling, deeply troubling, that the supposedly ‘all knowing’ Spiritually Oriented e-mails and web-sites are unaware and/or saying something different than what is now and has been ‘Common Knowledge’ in our world for years, not something that has arisen recently.

Speaking of our Galactic Friends and their messages which I have personally studied since the mid-eighties, I would very much like to understand how they can, in writing, support our return to the Constitution on the one hand while they must surely know that Obama’s legitimate and certified Kenyan Birth Certificate was delivered to the World and Supreme Courts long ago?

There are many examples of Obama’s disregarding and literally throwing the Constitution in the toilet, most recently NDAA. At what point will these obvious and reasonable questions be addressed by those who seemingly do not even know about Obama’s constant sabotage of the funding’s and deliveries?  And, if they (GFL) do know these things and so many more such as Vatican and Honduran Bank Accounts, what does that say about our ‘Friends and Mentors’ ? Why, I wonder, do those conveying the messages for the GFL, ‘Ashtar Command’, etc. not ask and obtain explanations on behalf of all of us?

WE hear the three hours with BB and Obama in the Oval Office yesterday was basically a ‘knock down drag out’. Afterwards that which was handled privately was stated publicly, “We Do Not Need Your Permission To Deal With The Threat From Iran”. Israel tires of watching Obama bow to every Muslim he meets and they are well versed with Obama’s statement that ‘if push comes to shove I will side with the Muslims”, a direct quote from one of his two books. The Galatic’s say no Mid East war. Stopping that would be a huge accomplishment as it appears Israel is prepared to ‘go it alone’ if necessary.

The ‘Valve’ has not been opened but is once again within sight of ‘The Good Guys’ we hear, but as discussed above we hear meetings continue, sabotage continues, the WAR continues.

No R.V. yet you are no doubt aware. All Guru eyes are on Iraq. WE say ‘if it happens it will be in a context much greater than any goings-on in Iraq’. This is another ‘First Rail/Second Rail’ metaphor. Just as the Banks and Trustees involved in the ‘funding’s’ are ‘Second Rail’ and can not release anything on their own, neither can anyone in Iraq determine when or if their Dinar R.V. ‘will go live’. Everything everywhere is at the mercy of the ‘First Rail Players’ and their  ‘sign offs’ in our opinion. This level will not ‘sign off’ regarding Program Funding until all preliminaries are properly completed. ‘Funding’s’ mean the recapitalization of the world with legitimate asset backed currencies and banking.

·         Have you heard, Obama orders that ILLEGAL ALIENS to receive an average $1800./annual ‘tax refunds’ even when they paid no taxes or instead,  $1k per child annually. Do you recall our report from two or three years ago saying Obama will give all of them free Range Rovers at taxpayer expense if necessary to obtain their votes? Can’t vote you say because they are Illegal?  How na├»ve are you? Presentation of valid  I.D. at polling places being killed by the Democrats. How to destroy America, the subject of Obama Buddy Saul Alinski’s Book?   “Spend it into oblivion”.

·         The RE-FI  of Greece’s and the PIIGS debt is a joke. The situation has not been ‘saved’. Fiat institutions providing fiat funds from thin air and debt extensions are making things worse with all kinds of ridiculous ‘arrangements’ such as the Central Banks protecting themselves in the event of default as private capital bond holders are being ‘hung out to dry’. The STUPIDITY is so off the charts it can’t be measured. Print print print, spend spend spend, extend extend extend. Unintended consequences without end. One Financial Newsletter pointed out this week that the whole world of Central Banking and Fiat Banking is now in the hands of ‘Academic’s’ who don’t know the first thing about money or economics beyond the bogus crap they were taught in Liberal Academic Environments.

·         The Hampton’s (beach homes for the ultra-rich)  has gone broke, can’t pay pensions, etc… The “world” is broke, busted. All are desperate for the funding’s to occur and they will occur.

·         The Fed is now the biggest holder of U.S. Debt, bigger than China. Another Financial Article this week says the Fed owns 91% of all U.S. long term bonds (20/30 years). The ‘TWIST’ has destroyed long term rates which means the elderly, savers and retirees are being screwed by their own Gov’t..

·         Georgia Courts throw out lawsuits vis a vie Obama Birth Certificate after first saying it  might give Plaintiffs a default judgment since Obama and his lawyers didn’t even show up. Who ‘called’ the Georgia Judge do you suppose? John Roberts? Obama ‘agents’. The CFR? Was he bought or blackmailed you reckon? My guess is that Obama was appointed the NWO ‘Ruler of The World’ some time back and others (such as backwoods judges in Georgia) are appraised of this only when needed or ‘required’.  Not only was the real Certified Kenyan Certificate available but testimony from experts in Court (and also the outcome of the Sheriff Aripayo? (Arizona) cold case investigation) all say the Certificate provided by the White House some months ago is Counterfeit, a Forgery and is not even a ‘copy’  of a certificate but rather a Computer Generated Counterfeit. The CONTROL STRUCTURE under which we live includes the Courts. It appears every aspect of ‘The Corporation’, its Politicians, Courts, Czars, Cabinet Officers, Military, Supreme Court, etc. are all participating in the game of ‘Save The Corporate Ship At Any Cost’. Of course you already knew that since we have been reporting it for many years.

·         Obama has appointed to the number three position in The Justice Department a lawyer who defended Al Qaida Terrorist. No, not kidding.

·         Ref. last week’s report of The Vatican calling for World Gov’t..  This week it is Sarkozy,, “We must have a new global order. We must expect a new global hierarchy”.

·        They can stall but not stop ‘our business’ and the ‘new’.           Me thinks we are closer than ever before and that the dam can break without warning at any time.

                                   Casper   3-7-12   opinion