Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dinar Gurus Talk About Resignations, Arrests, Currency Revaluations, China

Dinar Gurus Talk About Resignations, Arrests, Currency Revaluations, China

Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 4:16 PM

Nighthk11 - They had some more housecleaning to do today- BIG FISH out of the way, stay positive, still happening, not nonsense, very very real
23:38:42Nighthk11 - cannot elaborate due to sensitivity, but it is real and is happening there too, but mostly HERE...people stopping it here not Iraq
23:40:01Nighthk11 - Matter reported handled, everything proceeding now
23:40:47Nighthk11 - Chase has rate showing on screen, cannot turn-in until official
23:41:50Nighthk11 - said they will take your dinar at face value, upon RV, they will pay out- use descretion with this method
23:42:52Nighthk11 - Issues ref hold-up is NOT IRAQ, Global in nature- bad people many arrested
23:43:30Nighthk11 - many resigned, rfe-set will proceed as planned by G-20 very discreet
23:44:18Nighthk11 - names would shock people and many more politicians now, Just have to say you are looking at it now
23:46:36Nighthk11 - accts frozen, monies seized, warrants issued and still being served
23:47:29Nighthk11 - Has to happen, all must be in place, at this point enough of the main players have been dealt with so trigger pulled, now we wait for rate to go live, that is all hope this helps many still wondering
23:48:09Nighthk11 - stopped yesterday- warrants served this morning
23:48:28Nighthk11 - that is msg rec'd
23:48:47Nighthk11 - they will aledgedly take your dinar fort deposit
23:49:29Nighthk11 - I received that msg, I have not confirmed it, I trust the source as I was asked what he should do. cannot tell him that money is his was well as decision to deposit and wait for live rate to show. I will wait
23:51:03Nighthk11 - NO- directive is simply allow RV to proceed as directed or world trigger will be activated in override
23:51:46Nighthk11 - I hope this helps some, all I can say right now
23:51:57Nighthk11 - stay positive- it is happening

 [.jonnywg] OVER THE PAST 3 MONTHS we have stated on this site that the rv was near, soon or imminent.........something always blocked it .....SWEET QUEEN declared the RV LAST WEEK AND WE KNOW IT WAS PUT IN MOTION BUT A GAIN BLOCKE.... in the past 2 weeks over 100 top banking executives were forced to resign, over a 100 others were arrested, 250 banks were raided by interpol. BY TODAY 99% of the problems have been erased. I feel today may be our day, TODAY may bring a global reset to help us all, TODAY may be a giant step for manking with all of the social packages to be released ... TODAY may be the day that we get the opportunity of a lifetime, TODAY we may step forward into a bright future ..... I feel TODAY may be our day [.jonnywg] please read this post as it is. i do not have any other information that can be released

3-4-2012  Guru Studley   I believe we will see the finish line in the next 24 to 36 hours...I am not promising, or guaranteeing anything, but I see this event and others coming to a head very quickly.   I wouldn't worry about the rate...Adam Montana's fifteen cents has nothing on the real rate.

3-4-2012  Guru FreewayBill   it is time for the US to get their head out of their hiney and realize that China means business...they want this over with to go on with their PLANS...Their 100 year plan ended march 1...Now a new one begins.  We have no where to turn but to just go with the RV.

3-4-2012  Guru Footforward  China is HELPING to get this done...this has to happen now...nothing more needs to be said.

3-4-2012  Guru Studley   Thank the Chinese, Legarde, our Special Veterans, and other Patriots around the world... they saved this at the last minute, we are in overtime, our backs are against the wall, this MUST come out now, otherwise very bad things will start happening around the world, there is a line in the sand...this will be either a new glorious era, or you will see institutions crumble, along with major problems in the financial markets.