Friday, March 23, 2012

Greg Giles: Early reports of Spacecraft Sightings

Early reports of Spacecraft Sightings

V shaped craft videotaped by two seperate witnesses over Phoenix, Arizona on March 8th 2008.

In recent days both the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light have stated they would step up the number and quality of the sightings of their ships, and I wish to make it clear at this time that is all they said, as neither galactic command mentioned anything about a mass sighting or any major event on any day.

I have received reports of two separate sightings of ships, both spotted on March 22nd, and both in Scandinavian countries. One was sent to me by Andreas Janson of Sweden, who after reading the messages from the galactic commands went UFO hunting with his girlfriend. Andreas states; “15 meters above my car a V-shaped UFO hovered, by 2 cigar shaped ones. There were no spotlights on either of the ships, and there was a lot of movement among the stars.”

Another report was shared with me by Sandra who lives in neighboring Finland who witnessed star-like lights above her building. Sandra states “I think I saw 5 small flying, I thought it was stars, and one big one with really bright lights. It didn't make any sound and it was fast.” Sandra also says that the city newspaper said it wasn't anything but space junk. “I know what I saw” Sandra says, “The big one was kind of really close. I could see it even when it shut its lights off.”

My friend Sam has also reported that he witnessed the V shaped craft over Phoenix, Arizona on March 8th, and I have gotten a chance to view his videotape of the sighting. The tape clearly shows a V shaped craft that appears to be the same type and size as the craft in the above video.

It is very interesting that the ships witnessed by Andreas and his girlfriend in Sweden and Sam's sighting in Pheonix match the description given to us by the Galactic Federation of Light of large, black, V-shaped craft with lights running down both wings. The cylinder shaped objects that Andreas has also reported match the descriptions of the mother ships used by the Galactic Federation of Light. Sandra’s sighting in Finland matches closely what the Ashtar Command advised us to look for when identifying their ships. The Ashtar Command explained that when witnessing their ships we would see only bright lights, differing from the color of the background of the daytime or nighttime sky, as from our 3rd dimensional perspective we would only be able to perceive lights and not the actual design of their ships.