Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Greg Giles: Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/6/12

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/6/12

Your planet is going to be cleansed of much residue left over from your 3rd dimensional experiences. Your planet is to be reborn, from the grasses to the skies, from the ocean bottoms to the mountain peaks. Nothing of the old will remain, as they possess the frequency of a lower dimensional aspect of your past. You will also be born anew, and nothing will remain of the lower dimensional aspects of yourselves as well. All and everything that will exist in your new world will be of a higher dimensional vibration. You will be experiencing a fresh start, and everything in your world will be new. You will receive new playgrounds as well as new workplaces. You will have a different set of parameters that govern your physical world, and you will have a different set of rules that govern your civilization. All will be improvements, and all that you will receive will be upgrades from your current experience.  
This is your new home. You are encouraged to respect it, and you are encouraged to take part in community efforts to maintain your new world in the pristine condition you will find her. It is your world and you may do with it what you like, although as we have said, the damage done to her throughout your 3rd dimensional experiences will not be permitted to occur again.
You will have new modes of travel available to all of you throughout your world, and you will be able to travel easily to anywhere you would like, freely and without restrictions placed on you by governments and borders.
Language barriers will also be broken down as we will introduce to you new methods of communication that will allow you to hold a conversation with anyone from any part of the world. There are many delightful surprises in store for you, and these are merely a few. Your new world will be a masterpiece of design and function, and it will be yours to enjoy and to cherish upon your ascension into the higher realms of possibility.
Before all this is yours, however, there is work yet to be done here on 3rd dimensional Earth. Together we must clear the way for your new world, and as we have always maintained, it is your world and it is up to you to take care of these matters. We are only here to assist you, and we are very eager and happy to do this. One of the pressing matters that must be taken care of is the removal of those who wish to prevent you from reaching your ascension and your new home. They wish to keep you right where you are, locked within their 3rd dimensional prison planet. Many of you understand what needs to be done, and we are here to assist you with this undertaking. Consider us a big brother, coming to your aid if a bully were to be picking on you in the playground. We do see you as family, and we, of course, do not wish to see you bullied any longer. We are helping to put a stop to this by backing up your Earth allies who have been very busy preparing legal proceedings against as many of your criminal Cabal and their many associates as is possible. Additional names are added to their wanted list each day, and we are very encouraged by what we are seeing from our vantage point. 
These arrests will soon begin to be broadcast through many of your media outlets, and we are pleased with the efforts of so many of our Lightworkers to clear the way for these announcements by spreading the news of these arrests and what they will mean for the people of your world. We are very encouraged by how these revelations are being received by many of you, and we say that we are very pleased with how many of your world immediately understand that these arrests are just what you needed to begin to cure the ills of your society.
We wish to see you all continue to spread this news as it is creating a wave of excitement and anticipation and that is precisely what we feel is necessary to carry your people to the next stage of your rapid development, and that is your reintroduction to your big brothers and sisters who today ‘have your back’. We are very eager to meet many of you, and as many of you know by now, we will be working personally with many of you in the days ahead as there will be much work to be done as soon as those who wish to interfere with our joint efforts are removed from your society where there will no longer be able to present a problem.
You have many allies within your large human family, and today, for reasons of security and for the successful accomplishment of certain tasks, these brave men and women are not being made known to you. Upon the arrests of the members of your criminal Cabal they will be introduced to you, and we feel many of you will be very surprised at how many friends you really have.
For so long the dark has ruled with an iron fist over your world, and the arm of their power reached far and it reached deep. It seemed to many of you that your world was full of men and women of darkness, and those of the light were few and far between. This has never been the case, however, and as you will soon see for yourselves, the light has always far out reached the dark on this planet. 
Help your brothers and sisters of light chisel away these few dark ones that have embedded themselves within their seats of power. Help pry them from their positions of power and cart them off where they can be re-sculpted and once again permitted to reenter societies within this universe. This is what is planned for these dark ones, as they can no longer be permitted to walk freely in your world as they have shown no propensity for lawful and civilized behavior. They must therefore be removed, and you have many Earth allies seeing to it that this is done. We will keep you updated to these proceedings, and we encourage you to monitor your media outlets for leakages of these proceedings and also for breaking news. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. 
Remember to always be there for your brothers and sisters who may succumb to fear upon news of these arrests as they will number greatly, and many will find it quite startling to know what has really been going on around them. Help them to understand that all is well and these arrests were necessary to get your world back on track, and that your world is now free to prosper as should have always been the way.
You work in this area will not be completed upon these arrests however, as many far more radical changes will begin soon after and it is here that we foresee greater numbers of those who will be confused and frightened. Be as understanding as you can be with these souls, remember, not all of you have taken the same path here and some of you have been down similar roads like this before and others have not. We are extremely pleased at how we see so many of you coming to the aid of others at this time, and we see this new brother and sisterhood carrying you through the door of your new home. 
This is how it will be in your new world, and we are very encouraged of how you can all treat each other and be there for each other in your times of need. As we have described for you, your new world will be a paradise, but not only in your natural surroundings, but also in the manner in which you all interact with each other, and that will be the most beautiful sight of all to behold. Continue to build these bridges between yourselves and they will take you to possibilities you have never dreamed of. 
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles