Friday, March 30, 2012

John Kettler: E.T.s Shoot Down Chemtrail Plane

Hello Friend:

Last week, one of our members got to see the Liberation Forces at work. An aircraft was chemtrailing, followed by a chemtrail eating spacecraft. Evidently tiring of this toxic diet, the spacecraft proceeded to hit the chemtrail aircraft with a smallish beam weapon, causing the aircraft to trail black smoke and apparently plunge into the San Bernardino National Forest somewhere in the vicinity of Apple Valley, California.

No forest fire occurred, no National Transportation Safety Board crash investigation team was called out, and we're not even sure the ruined aircraft's debris made it to the ground or simply disingtegrated. Intelligence sources have so far not been able to verify any such jetliner crash, so the disintegration is a very real possibility, one confirmed by contacts "topside"  Wreck or no wreck, great news for all of us getting "death dumped" from above!

John Kettler