Monday, March 19, 2012

John Kettler: ETs/EDs Present: The Universities of Evolution!

John Kettler: ETs/EDs Present: The Universities of Evolution!

ETs/EDs Say “This IS Higher Education!”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) say the Universities of Evolution began as a small Academy of Evolution in the Rigel star system, fifth dimension. Careful study by the ETs/EDs there of Earth’s history revealed that emotion, viewed a weakness, had been progressively deleted from the human matrix as humanity left for the stars a long time ago, per the ETs/EDs, and it was belatedly realized this was a dire mistake. In turn, the ETs/EDs say, it’s the prime cause of all the abductions–this oft callous drive to reclaim the lost emotions, while, in many cases, having none. Once the enzyme to cause the nervous system to expand again to support emotion became available, the ETs/EDs say the knowledge of how to process emotion also became available.
ETs/EDs Reveal The Base Matrix Of Creation

The base matrix of creation is emotion, according to the ETs/EDs. This is the basis of the Universities of Evolution. For example, if you cry deeply enough, you clear the pain, and after the pain, insight is gained, according to the ETs/EDs. Until the emotion is processed, the ETs/EDs say, the lesson in consciousness cannot be gained, and you remain stuck.

With the loss of the ability to feel, say the ETs/EDs, the ability to process pain, became lost, and most of humanity fell into animal consciousness or worse. The Universities of Evolution work on re-establishing the fundamental nature of creation from the emotional matrix. This is the baseline from which all communication and interaction occurs in many species. There is no guilt, say the ETs/EDs, and no punishment, because the abandonment issues causing the great divide in consciousness, resulting in evil and the destruction of life in general, are a result of actions taken billions of years ago, and were mistakes. The ETs/EDs state the only punishment is to “own the pain,” and that’s between you and your soul, but the training of how to get there is one of the absolute necessities taught through the Universities of Evolution.

Higher Education: The Way the ETs/EDs Do It!

The Universities of Evolution have a massive collection of holodecks, inspired by “StarTrek”™. These are programmable for your specific needs, have vast amounts of history, according to the ETs/EDs, and are specifically designed to help people, entities, beings of all sorts process pain to clear themselves of emotional baggage. The holodecks of this type can be used therapeutically, first with a dedicated therapist before you enter the holodeck to work out your emotional issues, but, the ETs/EDs say, they can also be used recreationally, to experience whatever scenario you desire.

The second type of holodeck is “not for the faint of heart.” This is the holodeck in which you experience what Dannion Brinkley has termed your “panoramic life review,” in which you not only experience what you did in a given lifetime, but the effect it had on those with whom you interacted, both directly and indirectly. This is grueling, wrenching, brutal work, the mere thought of which makes anyone who’s done it, including the ETs/EDs, shudder, but it is the forge in which real soul growth takes place–where you confront you, then deal with what’s revealed, however horrible. “And how many lives have you led?” the ETs/EDs ask.

The Universities of Evolutions–Serving ETs/EDs Everywhere!

The Universities operate across not only galaxies, but universes, the ETs/EDs say. Worlds contribute massive information and services, networked through the Universities of Evolution. The botany collections and collections of various species are simply incredible, and the knowledge in every conceivable (and inconceivable) discipline vast, per the ETs/EDs who have seen and been exposed to them.

The militaries helping to sort out Earth and free the people here come from a long list of contributors. And it’s ETs/EDs from the Universities of Evolution on Earth now untangling the horrid mess called the global financial system. Those on Earth, who interdimensionally communicate with/interact with the ETs/EDs, send up much needed information for the data bases of the Universities of Evolution, unbelievably valuable material lost over time with the devolution of humanity. Earth still has a lot of its “stuff,” stuff that can be found nowhere else. We have the human genome here. This is why, for all its woes, Earth is called by ETs/EDs in the know, the Planet of the Gods. This is why Earth is the prize of prizes.

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