Sunday, March 4, 2012

Montague Keen: March 4, 2012

Montague Keen – 4 March 2012

My dear, things do not always go to plan. Sometimes, changes have to be made at the last moment. You must understand that this is what you and all those who work in the Light have to cope with. There are dark ones on both sides of life who are doing their utmost to prevent the Light returning to your world. They attack on every level. Though you are protected, a little may get through at times. Then, we up the protection once more. It is necessary to understand how the Dark operates in your world and how to protect yourselves. This is why I mentioned Sacred Geometry. This is a splendid method of protecting yourselves. As you are aware, the structure of the body is changing and it needs support. This is why the Cabal is introducing a new method of mind control through your television sets. It is being launched soon. Effectively, your TV set becomes your prison guard and most of you are totally oblivious to this. Try to use your leisure time to prepare for the life changes that the Fifth Dimension will bring. Read, and link with nature. We treasure the memories of our walks, when we were totally at one with each other and with life itself, enjoying communication on all levels of existence. It is priceless, my dear.

There is so much turmoil going on. Nothing is being reported honestly, so you are left to research the truth for yourself. The real truth is there: scratch the surface and you will be amazed at what you will find. Your controllers are working to keep you in darkness. They cannot cope with the haemorraging of truth from all quarters. You are finding things you never expected. You were shocked to learn that your governments are actually corporations which are run as businesses – even your Police Force, once again proving that “nothing is as it seems”. Nothing that you had accepted as truth is actually true. It is a big shock when you see the evidence for this for yourselves. You have all been brainwashed into accepting what you were told without question.
Questions must be asked and answered now. The illusion must be exposed. It is time to face reality, time to take back control of your lives and your planet. The usurpers have had it all their own way for far too long. As enlightenment spreads, it shows up the Dark and all its evil plans. They are being exposed every day for what they are.

Arrests are being made in the banking world. This is just the beginning. There are good people ready and willing to rearrange everything for the benefit of mankind. There is no place for the corrupt in the new enlightened era that is about to begin. Try to imagine life when all is truth and light, and love surrounds everyone and everything. This is what you are creating – all of you who work with the Light. Do not fear them, THEY FEAR YOU EVER FINDING OUT THE REAL TRUTH. Do not wait until you pass to Spirit before you see the real horror of the corruption that surrounds you. Sadly, it is everywhere, not just the banks, although they have done and continue to do, the most damage.

They do not deserve your respect. The corporations which run your world are totally corrupt. They do not hide this information. They feel so confident that people would never find out. They believe it is best hidden right under your noses. Because they created zombies of you, to obey and live by their rules, and to be their slaves, they have no respect for any of you. You are used and abused, then discarded at their whim.

Do not accept anything without questioning it thoroughly. Demand your rights under Common Law. How quickly changes happen is up to you. If you continue to act like sheep, then you will continue to be treated as such. It is time to look for inspiration at the brave souls who have questioned everything and survived to tell the tale. Once you step on to the right path you will never ever go back to being a mindless sheep.

My dear, you have a guest. I have said what I needed to say today. Return to your guest, knowing that you are on the right path. Our project will succeed, no matter what the Cabal tries to do to prevent it. It will happen, have no doubt of that. They may stall it, but they will never prevent it. We will succeed !

When you talk of the love that we shared, it creates the Energy of Love. We wished everyone could experience it. This is what they can look forward to when all is peace. With love in your hearts and peace in your souls, you will change the energy for everyone.
Your adoring, Monty. link to original article