Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rebeccaa: A message from Galactic Federation of Light - March 8, 2012

A message from Galactic Federation of Light
By Rebeccaa - Posted on 08 March 2012
From Star Gazer ~ Cheryl

We of the Galactic Federation of Light are witnessing and assisting with the tail end of the final round up of the Cabal. Many have doubted our word for a long time, waiting for proof and evidence. It saddens us to feel that we needed to verify ourselves to you all in this manner, but the'proof' you so badly requested is now available.

Will you believe us now when we tell you that we will very soon be amongst you?

We have waited a very long time to come face to face with those of you who know us and believe in us. Soon everyone will know us. Soon everyone will believe in us. It will not be a mass landing as so many of you think. Firstly we will be introducing ourselves to those of our family who are already aware of our presence. This family reunion will be a wonderful occasion and will take place in many places, all over the world. Those who still carry a few seeds of doubt will then have this doubt removed once and for all. This will then be the time for the final stage of the mission to be carried out by all of you who volunteered for this task so very long ago.

Once we have made initial contact with you and there is no doubt in any of your minds of our presence, we will be then presenting you with the chance for photo opportunities - these can then be used to spread the word of our existence to the rest of the inhabitants of your world. We feel that this form of introduction is likely to produce a lot less hysteria than it would if we were to just suddenly land amongst you.

For those who we arrange these initial meetings with, you will be told when and where these individual meetings will occur. So have your cameras at the ready. These meetings will not be occurrences that happen to you in your dream state, or when you astral travel. These initial meetings will take place when you are fully awake, and fully aware of what is going on.

We want no more denial or questioning of our existence. Initial contact has to occur this way. It is the only way to move things along, and get the ball rolling to pave the way for our contact with the rest of the Earths inhabitants. We look forward to the day that this finally occurs, but it will not be able to occur until we feel that the way is safe for us to present ourselves in this manner.

This is where you will all come in. Those of you we choose initial contact with. You will be the way pavers to initializing our contact with the rest of humanity. By spreading the 'proof' of our existence to the rest of the world. The 'proof' that we will present to you upon our initial contact. Once this process has been undertaken, and we deem it safe, then we will become more obvious to the rest of humanity.

Once again, it will not occur through mass landings, or mass contact, but it will eventually get to the stage where our sightings and presence become commonplace and no longer induce fear.

This will be the time that ascension will occur in earnest. Well the final stages of ascension, as the preparation and initial processes of ascension have been underway for many years. We are so glad to see the final stages of our mission to assist you drawing to a close, as our undertaking has been many years long.

Know that what we share with you is fact. It always has been and it always will be. We thank those brothers and sisters who have never given up on our word, despite the adversity you have undergone throughout this long ordeal. You will all be justifiably rewarded for your actions.

And we send out encouragement to the rest of you who still now hold those seeds of doubt in your minds and your hearts. Listen to your inner selves, the part of you who knows that we speak the truth to you; the part who you sometimes try to deny, or rationalize away. That voice is there for a reason. It is us placing those thoughts in your mind and feelings in your hearts. Do not deny us any longer, as we will not be denying any of you a place in our family when we reunite. Everyone will be welcome. Those who are already a part of our family, and those who wish to become a part of our family. We welcome you all.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.