Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Several events are about to happen – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Now we move our discussion to a more practical level.  We must talk about what will happen in your immediate future.  Several events are about to happen almost simultaneously.  Each of these would alone be a major occurrence.  The abundance programs are moving to fruition.  The criminals in your financial, governmental, and religious sectors are about to be arrested.  And some of the necessary earth changes will begin.  To those who do not expect these things, it will appear very chaotic and fearful.  Your calm and confident demeanor will be much needed.  All of our messages have been preparing you for this.  It will be much less severe than it might have been, due to the amazing work you have all done.  Now you must be prepared to hold a space of peace and calm for all around you.  You were chosen for this work because you are the strongest and best.  Much depends upon you, but our trust in you is complete.  You are experiencing a slight period of seeming calm, but please know that a great deal is about to surface.  Be ready, dear hearts.  All will soon be revealed to you.  We are complete for now.